Twist in the Vanessa Bryant case

Vanessa Bryant spends a lot of time with her lawyers since the disappearance of Kobe … Business continues to flow, but fortunately, she has finally received good news. She has just emerged from one of the thorniest issues.

Vanessa Bryant will finally be able to start a new life! More than a year after the disappearance of her late husband Kobe, who is still honored by NBA stars and by the world of the orange ball, with in particular an incredible induction into the Hall of Fame, Vanessa will put behind her a good part of the worries caused by this terrible fatal accident.

It has already managed to settle amicably with the helicopter company responsible for this crash in January 2020. The terms of the arrangement were not disclosed, but it is a safe bet that she and the other families of the victims were accordingly compensated by the company. Money will never make up for the loss of life, but it is another step in mourning.

The other great news is that she has managed to sort out her complicated family situation. Indeed, after the death of Kobe bryant, Vanessa’s mother attacked him on the pretext of negligence on the part of her daughter, a car repossessed, and an unpaid salary when she was officially the nanny of Bianka and Capri, the last two … If the case is settled , Mamba’s widow remains pissed off. TMZ recounts his words.

My mother’s attacks are shameful and incredibly hurtful. My husband never promised my mother anything, and he would be incredibly disappointed to see her demeanor and lack of empathy in this ordeal. Since 20 I have supported her financially, although she has never been our personal assistant or the nanny of the girls.

In fact, she occasionally kept the older two when they were younger. But 10 years ago the older ones were already in school all day, and I didn’t have another child until 2016.

In fact, Vanessa Bryant’s mother claimed 10 years of salary for her role as a nanny, at 96 dollars an hour, or about 200,000 dollars! Obviously these figures are wrong, the accusations too, which still affects Vanessa. She surely needed to spend a little less to keep her mom happy and move on for good.

Vanessa Bryant just lost a few hundred thousand dollars, but that’s the price to turn the page and definitively moving forward. Unfortunately, she has also just lost her relationship with her mother …

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