Turnaround for Ben Simmons?

Long cited at the start, Ben Simmons certainly expected to leave before the start of the season. But can we see a James Harden scenario with the Rockets? This is becoming more and more likely according to a journalist. We have to believe that this soap opera is far from over.

Author of a failed 2020/21 season, especially like his playoffs, Ben simmons does not have full support from the Sixers. The majority of fans want to see him go, and that’s a view shared by the executives. Since the end of the last fiscal year, negotiations have taken place with interested teams. But for now, nothing is progressing.

Why such a scenario? Because the 76ers are greedy, especially when you see their crazy request to the Spurs. The front office is convinced that Simmons is a real star, a la James Harden, and therefore expects a reward to go with it. As you can imagine, the suitors really disagree.

During the summer, we could expect a status quo, but what if the talks drag on until the start of the season? In September, the training camp will be there, which means that Simmons will be reunited with his teammates, including Joel Embiid. Saw his behavior with him, we can imagine the atmosphere. A trade is preferable, even if the leaders are calm.

Even if Aussie could strike hard if an exchange doesn’t see the light of day, no question for Philadelphia to rush when it comes to trading the star. CBS Sports reporter Michael KB explains that negotiations are not progressing regarding Simmons, to the point that he should be present for the resumption. So it promises to be interesting.

Negotiations with Ben Simmons have come to a halt for now, and the Sixers are set to have him in the roster for the start of the season, according to a source.

Unless there is another turnaround, Ben Simmons is off to a good start to the season with a Sixers jersey on his back. Surprising, especially since it promises to be explosive. Will the Australian be okay with that? Not sure. We will be fixed in a few weeks with the training camp.

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