[Trophées 2020] MVP: Aaron Rodgers finds his throne

On February 6, the NFL Honors will reward the best players of the season. Until the event, it is the editorial staff of TDActu which awards its trophies. As a reminder, the playoffs are not taken into account in the votes, as is the case for the NFL Honors.

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Aaron Rodgers – 15 votes

 » He is back ! After a few less prolific years, we found the real Aaron Rodgers. As if he was telling us that it was not yet time to put him in the closet and that despite the push from young people (Mahomes, Jackson, Watson…) the boss was still there. If he is only 7th in the number of yards thrown with 4,299, he is the one who threw the most touchdowns this season (48). His duet with Davante Adams was even the most prolific of the year. Above all, he takes care of the ball like no one in the NFL (and in history?) With only 5 interceptions this year again. »Lucas Vola

“He thrives in Matt LaFleur’s system, and above all exudes an impression of disconcerting ease. Rodgers regained his belt as the NFL’s top player. »Matthieu Pasquier

« What to say. Rodgers masterfully led the league’s most prolific offense in RBIs. 48 touchdowns (franchise record) for 121.5 statistical evaluation, respectively the 5th and 2nd best performance in league history. He also completed 70.7% of his passes, his highest percentage in his career. The numbers don’t lie. More managerial than in the past, he led Green Bay to the number 1 spot in the NFC. Intelligent, clever, he was able to get the most out of a group of receivers that we did not expect at such a party this season. »Sebastien Polomeni

“You shouldn’t tease the animal. Stung in his pride by the selection of Jordan Love, Rodgers became Rodgers again. Archi leader on touchdowns, second best rating in history (behind himself), interceptions that can be counted on one hand, an impression of ease, a smile found. We have found the most talented quarterback of his generation. There is no debate. TAKE IT EASY. »Alexandre Lauque

«  » It seems that he is unbearable, it seems that he does not listen to what his coach tells him, that he does as he pleases … Is he really good anyway? That’s what we ended up saying when Mike McCarthy left Green Bay two seasons ago, or at the end of last year. And then McCarthy exploded in flight in Dallas, exposing his inability to find a defense and Green Bay provided a Matt LaFleur much more in line with his number 12. It also took the selection of Jordan Love in the first round. to prick the ego of the double MVP. In two seasons, Aaron became Rodgers again. The « bad bad man » crushed everything. 48 touchdowns, 5 interceptions, 14 games with a passing rating greater than 100, crazy throws in all positions… Who could say better? This year, no one. »Tristan Henry

“Aaron Rodgers is 37 years old, but like Tom Brady, it feels like time has no hold on him. No need to go back on all of his exceptional season, the last month of competition sums up the idea very well: five matches, five wins, 15 touchdowns thrown, more than 75% of passes completed and the first place in the NFC at the key. When the Packers needed him most, he responded in grand style, to cement a trophy that he cannot escape. »Jonathan Pham

“For the first time in almost 20 years, there is debate. Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen and Derrick Henry deserve it too, but Rodgers’ season is too impressive to ignore. First place in the conference, mastodon statistics (48 TDs for 5 interceptions), and the feeling of ease that was the signature of Rodgers in his Roaring Twenties. »Victor Roullier

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Alain MatteiAlex smithChase youngJustin herbertDerrick HenryAaron DonaldSean mcdermottAaron Rodgers
Raphael MasmejeanChase youngJustin herbertStefon DiggsJalen ramseyKevin stefanskiAaron Rodgers
Alexandre lauqueAlex smithChase youngJustin herbertJosh AllenAaron DonaldSean mcdermottAaron Rodgers
Victor RoullierAlex smithChase youngJustin herbertDerrick HenryTJ WattSean mcdermottAaron Rodgers
Jean-Michel BougeardAlex smithChase youngJustin herbertDerrick HenryTJ WattSean mcdermottAaron Rodgers
Sebastien PolomeniAlex smithChase youngJustin herbertDerrick HenryTJ WattBrian FloresAaron Rodgers
Elioth SalmonAlex smithChase youngJustin herbertDerrick HenryTJ WattBrian FloresAaron Rodgers
Matthieu pasquierAlex smithChase youngJustin jeffersonDerrick HenryTJ WattRon riveraAaron Rodgers
Francois TussekiAlex smithChase youngHerbert and JeffersonDerrick HenryTJ WattSean mcdermottAaron Rodgers
Mehdi JullienAlex smithKarmen kurlJustin jeffersonDerrick HenryTJ WattSean mcdermottAaron Rodgers
Lucas volaAlex smithChase youngJustin jeffersonDerrick HenryTJ WattBrian FloresAaron Rodgers
Brice DuhamelAlex smithChase youngJustin jeffersonDerrick HenryAaron DonaldMatt LaFleurAaron Rodgers
Raoul VilleroyAlex smithChase youngJustin herbertDerrick HenryTJ WattSean mcdermottAaron Rodgers
Tristan henryAlex smithChase youngJustin herbertDerrick HenrySean McVayAaron Rodgers
Jonathan phamAlex smithJeremy chinnJustin jeffersonDerrick HenryXavien howardMatt LaFleurAaron Rodgers

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