Triple crown: Paul Goldschmidt is in good shape right now

Since the start of his career, I have always found Paul Goldschmidt to be a very underrated player. Both with the Diamondbacks and the Cardinals, Goldy has always been an excellent hitter who also offers a bit of speed and excellent defense at first base.

Exactly three months ago, I wrote a text in which I extolled the merits of the man I see as a future inductee at Cooperstown.

And since then, Goldschmidt has continued to do what he’s done so well for years: starring offensively. He hasn’t slowed down after his strong start to the season, so he’s currently in good shape for Nationals MVP.

However, this is not the only honor he could earn this year. Indeed, when we look at the current portrait in the National for the three statistics involved in the Triple Crown, there is a name that looks good in each of them: that of Goldschmidt.

Currently, the Cardinals star leads the National in batting average, but Goldy is also close to Kyle Schwarber for homers and Pete Alonso for RBIs. Nothing that can’t be redeemed.

In fact, it will not be an easy mission for Goldschmidt. Yes, he is in good shape in all three stats, but to be at the top of all of them at the end of the season, he will have to maintain a very high level of play.

As for batting average, he’s got a nice lead, but Freddie Freeman and Jeff McNeil are on great streaks right now. He’ll have to keep racking up hits so his lead doesn’t slip through his fingers.

At the circuit level, this will probably be his most difficult mission. Kyle Schwarber and Austin Riley are excellent power hitters and Goldy is already a little behind Schwarber. Pete Alonso (30 home runs) isn’t far either.

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As for RBIs, it will likely be a two-man race between Goldschmidt and Alonso, who are about 15 RBI ahead of Trea Turner, their closest pursuer.

But even if it will not necessarily be obvious, Goldschmidt is still in a good enough position to have a chance of winning. If he succeeds, he would become the first recipient since Miguel Cabrera in 2012.

There’s still a long way to go to get there, but I wouldn’t bet against Goldschmidt, who is having an absolutely exceptional season. With a big September, he could top all three categories pretty quickly.

And when it’s done, I hope he will finally be recognized for his true worth, as one of the best players of his generation.

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