Trey Mancini leads MLB in RBIs

What a night yesterday for the Orioles! Lots of ups and downs to end in a loss, but whatever, this team is definitely more exciting to follow than in previous years.

Remember, we had the John Means hitting game a short while ago and I was telling you recently about Cedric Mullins, in good shape in the O’s jersey.

Another player returns to the front of the stage. Trey Mancini is indeed back at a very, very high level.

On the clock last night for him: two home runs, four hits in five batting appearances and five new RBIs. He now has 38 RBIs, which puts him at the top of the Majors.

Looking at his detailed stats more closely, it seems that the player particularly appreciates the presence of his teammates on goal. When it strikes the least well, it is when there is no one there (.207 on average). Conversely, he hits for .396 when someone is in position to score.

Since I’m there, if we have to look for an area of ​​improvement for him, here is one: he only hits for .063 when the count is 3 to 2. To the best of his ability!

This player, in addition to being extremely talented, is particularly inspiring, as you will be able to see by listening to this interview retracing his year 2020 and his fight against cancer.

For my part, I do not ask much of the Orioles and I express two wishes for their future: to keep John Means for the long term and to keep Trey Mancini… for the long term!

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