Trevor Bauer: balls from his last start will be reviewed

I have to ask the question again: do you think the Dodgers like having a guy as polarizing as Trevor Bauer in the locker room?

I’ll give you my answer again: as long as there is more positive than negative, it should pass.

But stories, there have been one and another since his arrival. For every donation to organizations or for every visit of a child who is bullied, there are two stories like “I don’t force myself” or “I throw my eyes closed” that bother some people. And that, I think it bothers some teammates.

The situation is worse than it was. According to what Ken Rosenthal reports, Bauer is currently under investigation by the MLB. Why? Because the bullets from his last start were sticky.

During his start against the A’s, where he made a quality start, Bauer allegedly used sticky balls that had markings on them. This means that the MLB chose to investigate the balls in question to ensure that he did not use an illegal product, such as pine resin.

Obviously, the guy should not be condemned. That doesn’t mean the bullets were illegal… and if so, that doesn’t mean Bauer is at fault in the situation. But we will agree to say that it gives him bad press.

This does not mean, however, that he is the only launcher to be the subject of such an investigation. MLB has stricter rules this season and Rosenthal’s information allows him to draw that conclusion… but he has no other information on other pitchers.

I don’t think I need to tell you that Bauer doesn’t find her funny. He declined to answer Ken Rosenthal’s questions, but commented on the situation on Twitter.

Basically, he believes he was targeted by the journalist since he wonders where the texts are on all the other pitchers in the league. Whoever has a bad relationship with Rob Manfred believes the evidence is too thin against him.

On this day when the Dodgers to put back their World Series rings, the team didn’t need that.

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