Trend: after the resignation of Navjot Singh Sidhu as head of the Congress of the Punjab, Archana Puran Singh is popular on Twitter! Deets inside | Buzz News

New Delhi: From Indian cricketer turned politician, Navjot Singh Sidhu’s recent decision to step down as head of the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee shocked many, especially when he was presented as a major candidate as Chief Minister in the forthcoming legislative elections in Punjab.

“The collapse of a man’s character stems from compromise, I can never compromise on the future of Punjab and the Punjab’s welfare agenda. Therefore, I am resigning from my post as Chairman of the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee. I will continue to serve Congress, ” Sidhu wrote in his letter to Acting Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

Sidhu’s letter comes amid speculation that Captain Amarinder Singh is joining the BJP. Singh would likely have met with top BJP leaders, including party leader JP Nadda and Home Secretary Amit Shah in Delhi today.

However, in other news related to the entertainment world, soon after Sidhu resigned, actress Archana Puran Singh started trending high on Twitter. Why? Well, these memes will get you across.

For non-specialists, Archana Puran Singh replaced Sidhu after the latter left the series and followed his political career full-time.

Sidhu graced Kapil’s comedy show for the longest time and fans appreciated his presence, filled with laughter and habits. shaiyaris.

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