Trebeurden. The aquaboard will be all the rage on the beaches

Erwan Lechien and Luc Sannier, from Trébeurden, present their creation: the aquaboard.
Erwan Lechien and Luc Sannier, from Trébeurden, present their creation: the aquaboard. (© Le Trégor Marie-José Mignot)

Erwan Lechien and Luc Sannier, of Trebeurden, have been investing for three years in a swimming board project, which allows to clearly see what is under the surface. Everything starts from Luc’s story: “When I was little, I was afraid of the water because I couldn’t see what was at the bottom. I dreamed of a small submarine. « 

It is by telling his memories to friends that the idea germinates to find a solution to counter the anxieties of certain children in swimming pools or on the beaches.

Observe life underwater

“The dome is reminiscent of a submarine window to give a playful aspect to the board,” explains Erwan Lechien, referring to their passion for Jules Verne. Beyond reassuring, the objective is also to introduce children to the marine world, to make them aware of its fragility and that they are more inclined to preserve it.

Already, new ideas for use make their way as collecting waste at the bottom of the water, or in the field of adapted sport.

Experiences in the bathtub

Neither have technical skills, but together, and with local engineers, they come up with the concept of the aquaboard: a very dense foam board in which is embedded a polycarbonate window, flexible and resistant.

We did a lot of experiments with the dome in the bathtub and on the Plage des Moutons.

Erwan Lechien

Need 80,000 €

Erwan Lechien and Luc Sannier are in the process of creating their company and are looking for a financial partner. They estimate the budget needed to launch a first series at € 80,000.
“It is a product that can be easily and massively developed,” says Erwan Lechien. They want it to be accessible to everyone. Their creation is protected by the National Institute of Industrial Property (Inpi) and complies with all security standards.

The aquaboard window lets you see an abalone shell.
The aquaboard window lets you see an abalone shell. (© Le Trégor Marie-José Mignot)

Made in Breizh

No solvent or glue go into manufacturing. They even tested algae plastic, which turned out to be unsuitable. The plastic injection company from Ploumilliau made the dome for the prototypes and a company from southern Brittany made the board. “We want a product made in Breizh. We hope to see these aquaboards on the beaches of Trébeurden from 2022 ”, concludes Erwan Lechien.

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