Travis Kelce to Ja’Marr Chase: ‘Never disrespect Patrick Mahomes again’


There is no love lost between the players of Cincinnati and Kansas City.

For two seasons the Chiefs and the Bengals have met several times to compete at the top of the AFC hierarchy. And even if the two teams are not historical adversaries, a rivalry is being built between the formations with its share of provocations.

After the mayor of Cincinnati who had a word badly received in Kansas City during the last playoffs, it was Ja’Marr Chase who quibbled with Patrick Mahomes in an interview. A « Pat who? » misplaced which made Travis Kelce react. The All-Pro tight end made a point of defending his quarterback in the podcast he shares with his brother Jason, New Heights.

“I thought it was a bit bloated,” he admits. “(Mahomes) is a two-time league MVP, two-time champion. Say ‘Pat who?’ it’s limit. He wanted to defend his quarterback and I respect that, but Ja’Marr, never disrespect Patrick Mahomes again! »

A comment that did not have much more to Patrick Mahomes either. The pitcher did not fail to remember the good memories of the Bengals receiver with a tweet that speaks for itself.

While each game between the Chiefs and the Bengals is already an event, the rivalry continues to grow season after season and these kinds of little phrases only fuel it.


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