TrashTalk Award – S04 E01: 2 and 2 is 4, yellow and blue is green, and Ben Simmons gets hacked by the entire NBA

The NBA is never the last to bring its share of verbal projections of all kinds between its different protagonists. And of course, count on us to identify them as often as possible, because without being too first degree, we are fond of these muscular duels. So, who do you think is the biggest mouthful of the moment?

The previous edition of the TrashTalk Award was won by Evan Fournier and his companion horse.

Candidate # 1: Anthony Edwards is so hot he advises Rockets time-out

Anthony Edwards has only one “full” NBA season under his belt, but he already has a lot of punchlines to his credit. Never the last to send wood behind a microphone, do not count on him to slow down. From the first game of the season, Ant-Man, as he is known, proved that he can play superheroes like his namesake in the Marvel saga at least for the duration of a match, even if it is. against Rockets destined to tank this season.

As explained in more detail here, Edwards did indeed deliver quite a performance, in line with what he was able to offer during his rookie season, and he felt himself growing wings seeing the gap between his Wolves and the Rockets. We wish him to have taken advantage of it because casually, for Minnesota either, the victories should not necessarily be very numerous this season. It remains to be seen if the CM will still put a tweet similar to this one which will put them in a sweet and sour sauce.

Candidate # 2: Ben Simmons the target of mockery? Our arms fall out of us

Since his last Playoffs already, Ben Simmons has been the target of a large number of taunts from the entire basketball world, and this trend has not run out of steam after this saga between him and the Sixers, quite the contrary . The Boomer still refuses to train, and the few times he accepts, he ends up being fired or talked about, but not thanks to his game or his progress in the shoot. The Pelicans therefore in turn winnowed Simmons, through their audience, who obviously wondered where he was hiding.

Always fun when the public get into it, but unfortunately of little use when we know that the Pels lost this game with a 20-point difference, and without Ben Simmons as a result, necessarily. Even Joel Embiid made a few comments to his Australian teammate recently. And though he tempered by asking Philly fans to back him up, as he’s still a Sixer, this statement to his teammate through the press proves that the evil runs far deeper in the City of Brotherly Love.

Candidate # 3: Kyle Kuzma is still chafouin after leaving the Lakers

For a long time Kyle Kuzma was sent to the four corners from China from the United States, and it was finally to Washington that the double K was asked to embark immediately. The one that many Lakers fans would have already wanted to see join the Pelicans at the time, instead of Brandon Ingram will be able to drop his most beautiful Insta posts worthy of Fashion Week live from the capital. And as surprising as it may sound, the Lakers have been struggling since he left. And it’s the numbers that say it.

« The Lakers are 0-7 without Kyle Kuzma »

Sure enough, you know the old adage « men lie, not numbers », and the Lakers haven’t won since he left. However, it’s difficult to get a direct cause-and-effect link here, let’s just give Kuzma the benefit of the doubt, he who finally took care to erase this post from his story, as if nothing had happened. Except that internet users are far too keen, NBA players should know that.

Candidate # 4: LeBron James gets stuffed with Cameron Payne

Obviously, the grudge against Cameron Payne, who eliminated him in the first round of the last Playoffs, is tenacious for LeBron James. While the former pair of Russell Westbrook in Dance With The Stars upset the Chosen One who was then on the bench, the latter did not fail to react immediately.

“Stay humble. You were at home a year and a half ago, and now you want to talk? « 

Technically, LeBron is not wrong, Cameron Payne was indeed unemployed a year and a half ago. It was the Suns who took him out of Pôle Emploi in 2020 to go play in the Orlando bubble. And the least we can say is that the left-hander took his chance. Now extended for 3 years, he also reached the NBA Finals in 2021 having to bow to the Bucks. Even though he was collecting unemployment benefits not too long ago, Cam Payne has probably secured his place in the big league today, proving his importance in the Suns’ rotation.

Candidate # 5: Paul George challenges Stephen Curry to shoot the logo? Challenge accepted

In the top 3 of the silliest things possible, there are: to provoke Mike Tyson to the fight, to provoke Usain Bolt to the race and to provoke Steph Curry to the shoot, it is however this last thing that Paul George attempted during the game between the Clippers and the Warriors. Here are exactly the comments made by PG13 against the Chef, who obviously was very excited about this challenge.

Paul George: « Let’s make it interesting, I’ll let you take a shot and you let me take one? » « 
Steph Curry: « I haven’t missed it yet, stop … »
Paul George: « We’re doing that with the logo, are you hot? » « 

At the same time, it was very likely that said challenge was done in advance, with Steph Curry not even needing words or lyrics to trashtalker Paul George here. This shoot simply wants to say « Here is kid, you provoked me, here is the sentence » as Denis Brogniart could have said.

Heavy again for this period, with punchline and tackle you want it. The answer to the next question comes back to you: who had the biggest mouth on this episode? It’s up to you to tell us.

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