Trashed by the creator of Squid Game, LeBron responds cash!

NBA LeBron reacts to director of Squid Game

Noh Juhan (Netflix) / Harry How

Still very vocal about his daily life, LeBron James however missed his shot on the series Squid Game. The creator’s brutal response has taken him completely by surprise! He therefore decided to react to his massacre, on social networks.

Lebron james is like everyone else, sometimes he needs to relax. And like many people, he too followed closely Squid Game, the Korean event series that hit Netflix. Having entered the world of cinema himself, the Laker therefore had a special eye on the work. Gold, as he and Anthony Davis curtly explained in a press conference, the end of the first season left him hungry, claiming that a better conclusion would have been possible.

Except that here, the words of the King reached the ears of the creator of the series, Hwang Dong-hyuk. And obviously, the latter did not taste at all what LBJ had to say about his baby! As an answer, he simply slaughtered the winger during a recent interview. His / Her message: You just have to make your own version if you don’t like mine. You may be a quadruple NBA champion, your ears must have whistled after that!

LeBron James in shock after Squid Game creator’s rowdy exit

Not surprisingly, Dong-hyuk’s exit did not escape LeBron, who is still very active on social media. He probably did not expect such a backfire for a simple opinion … In any case, his recent publication on Twitter leaves little room for interpretation. It doesn’t happen often, but the Chosen One remained totally in disbelief:

We agree that can’t be true, eh ??! I hope not 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

In a sense, James must have had in mind that his reaction to the end of Squid Game was not going to be unanimous. He’s already struggling to get there in the GOAT debate… However, as some comments in response to his post pointed out, he shouldn’t have been surprised that the Korean didn’t like his exit. He himself has known the critics in the cinema with his film Space Jam: A New Legacy, after all.

All that aside, one detail remains interesting nonetheless: the fact that Hwang Dong-hyuk challenged the player to make such a popular piece as he did. Enjoying a certain status in the film industry, to the point where he now has his entrances in Hollywood, LeBron could be quite titillated by the idea. Let us not forget that he will soon be 37 years old, and that his retirement is approaching. A definitive conversion into the 7th art is in fact possible, especially since it has already produced several documentaries.

Clearly, LeBron James was surprised by the gory reaction from the creator of Squid Game. He will probably think twice before trying again, with another series …

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