Transformers: Jalen Ramsey, a cornerback with a safe | Touchdown Actu (NFL Actu)

Fast, agile, lively, and more or less powerful depending on the profile, the cornerbacks are athletes apart, who could quite claim the title of the most complete athletes in the NFL as their range of possibilities is wide.

Jalen Ramsey is a perfect example. Besides the fact that the Rams player is recognized as a « shutdown », the latter, perfectly concerned and focused, is able to turn off the most physical receivers. His results in the Combine left no room for doubt, Ramsey is an illustrious representative of this caste of non-standard athletes in the NFL.

With a height of 1.85m and a weight of 94.8kg, he has a chest that makes him a player strong enough to challenge and tackle all sizes.

Supersonic speed

With a time of 4’41 over 40 yards, its speed detonates given its heavy and powerful template.

Without holding the speed record during the exercise, Ramsey proved that he had the maximum speed, and especially the ability to accelerate quickly, because his intermediate times over 10 and 20 yards are respectively 1’51 and 2’57. Brands which attest to a rare explosiveness. There is therefore no doubt about its starting speed.

And coordination

Speed ​​“alone” is insufficient for a cornerback in charge of covering receivers who run elaborate tracks. Ramsey has proven in exercises like the 3-cone drill (6’94, changes of direction) and the 20-yard shuttle (4’18, lateral movements) that he is quite capable of controlling his body at full speed. His times are excellent, even for the NFL world.

Without forgetting his brute strength

With 14 reps of bench press at 102 kilos, strength level, Ramsey is a cornerback who can play perfectly physically from the first yard. It is only rarely found in deficit of strength vis-a-vis its opponents receivers.

Putting this in perspective, he can lift a bar 14 times greater than his own weight, which will appeal to bodybuilders, and gives a maximum around 150 kilos depending on his muscle type. What to challenge the fuss a little too supported.

Levers that make it hyper-powerful

With imposing measurements for ordinary people, in addition to his size and weight, his arms are 85 centimeters long and his hands are 24 centimeters long.

Its wingspan is incredible given its long segments which give it safer lever arms and higher moments of force. From a physics point of view, the further away from the axis, the more the moment of force (leverage) becomes facilitating. This is reflected in the results which are obtained in the jumping workshops. Ramsey has a 1.14m swing trigger. He therefore raised his head to 2.99m from the ground, and even hit a target at 3.56m, or 51 centimeters above the horizontal bar of the posts.

In other words, Ramsey has a long and powerful build, the prerogative of the most feared CBs in the league.

Did you say Shutdown?!… He is alone on his island

According to estimates where the balloon, once launched, would stay in the air for about 1.5 seconds, Ramsey has the capacity to intervene on a volume of 160 to 170m3.

This does not speak to you … In 1.5 seconds, it can cover a distance of 10 yards, which should be associated with its ability to change direction quickly, to intervene at 3.56m above the ground. Knowing that he can also jump horizontally up to 3m43 (not counting the length of his body), the cylinder in which he can intervene and contest a landing is insane since his volume of circular action around his position is around 168m3 … In itself, it is more than a garage of 10m * 6m * 2.5m (and it is already a large garage).

As much to be clear, if the separation created is not clean and frank, then Ramsey risks complicating the task of reception, and of making his defense an island that few quarterbacks and their receivers like to frequent.

His opposition with DK Metcalf (another monster) will be worth its weight in gold in the seasons to come, but he has already proven that he is perfectly capable of dominating this kind of opponent who is used to taking the upper hand. their counterparts.

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