transfers of European players more complicated after Brexit

English clubs will have to apply for a work permit from the government to recruit European players when Great Britain’s exit from the European Union is effective.

European players will need a work permit to be able to play in England after Brexit, English football officials said after the government’s validation of their plan for future recruitment arrangements on Tuesday. The English Football Association (FA), the English Football League (EFL) and the Premier League had submitted their plans for obtaining work permits for players « last month (…) and it has now been approved by the Interior Ministry, « writes the FA in its press release.

From December 31, when Great Britain officially leaves the European Union, English clubs will have to apply for a work permit from the football authorities to recruit players from other countries. This is currently the case only for non-European players.

The allocation of this permit will be done via a points system, based on the number of selections of the player in the national team and in the youth categories, the prestige of the club from which he comes (level of his championship, ranking in this championship, course in European competition) and the number of appearances with this club.

Clubs will no longer be able to recruit foreigners under the age of 18

Clubs will not be able to recruit more than three foreign players under the age of 21 during the winter transfer window and not more than six in a season. Another aspect that will radically change the situation: Britain’s exit from the EU means that England will fall back under FIFA rules which prohibit the recruitment of foreign players under the age of 18.

These new arrangements are supposed to help ensure « that no Brexit-related measure adversely affects the success of the Premier League or the prospects of English teams, » according to Richard Masters, the president of the Premier League, cited in the press release.

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