Transfer Messi to Inter Miami: The Argentinian does not want any more « pressure » in his career according to Xavi


Xavi assured Thursday that Lionel Messi was « enthusiastic“at the idea of ​​a return to FC Barcelona but that”the circumstances did not arise« and that he no longer wanted »this kind of pressure« during his career.

« We talked a lot« both of his possible return to Barça and »everyone was enthusiastic, first him, then me and then the club, but the circumstances did not arise« , said Xavi in ​​an interview on the Twitch platform. « Often, we don’t put ourselves in the other’s shoes, we lack empathy“, continued the coach of FC Barcelona, ​​​​believing that”be leo« Messi »shouldn’t be easy« .


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« He is never quiet, he must have an impeccable conduct on the pitch, he must be the best everywhere. He hasn’t had a good time in the past two years and he doesn’t want that kind of pressure anymore.« , he added. Torn between offers from Barça, his forever club, and the new Saudi El Dorado, the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner announced on Wednesday that he had finally opted for Inter Miami and the North American championship. American (MLS), where he will undoubtedly write the last pages of his career.

Asked when he started to think Lionel Messi might not come to the Blaugrana, the Barca coach said he « noticed a change« at the Argentinian »in recent days, in recent weeks« .Lionel Messi »explained it very well: he wants to lower the level of pressure« at the end of his career, which »would have remained maximum if he had come back here“, said Xavi, calling”respect » the player, « the best in history« .


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