Trae Young opens up about his falling out with Nate McMillan

It’s brand new and therefore very fresh, it’s the recap of the day made in TrashTalk. Some like to catch the news one by one, others prefer to have the big paper that sums it all up, so you will find here everything that has been written today by our pens but also what has gone under the radar, without forgetting our small contribution on social networks and the program of the night.

What you can read on TrashTalk since this morning

  • James Harden is back! Very likely return of the beard tonight in… Houston, early Christmas present for the Sixers
  • TrashTalk Fantasy League, the recap of the week: the Anthony Davis Week is over, we hope you enjoyed it
  • The beIN Sports program of the week in the NBA: double dose of Pelicans – Suns, souvenir souvenirs…
  • Trae Young and Nate McMillan, it gets stuck: still worries between the leader and a coach in Atlanta?
  • Lol: Bradley Beal stayed at the Wizards because « there was no team on the market »
  • George Gervin, cold as ice and hot as a fries stand
  • Kyrie Irving and Nike, it’s over: the comma brand officially separates from Uncle Drew
  • Derrick Rose in the sights of the Mavericks: too bad, at eleven years ready it made a superteam
  • Ja Morant will have his signature shoe at Nike: further proof that Ja has indeed entered the clan of superstars
  • Draymond Green released his Top 5 all-time: you won’t believe us, but he put LeBron in 1
  • Anthony Davis and Kevin Durant voted NBA players of the week: deserved, but we would still like Devin Booker’s opinion
  • Chris Paul: who is his best all-time teammate? || #SpecialPartner

Other info that you may (or may not) like

  • According to Miami Herald, Victor Oladipo (left knee) would be closing in on a comeback. He is training well with the team, now we expect him to reach the milestone of the game.
  • If Oladipo could soon return, the precious role player of the Cavaliers Dean Wade will miss him 3 to 4 weeks because of a shoulder injury. Appreciated in Cleveland for his game intelligence and his 3&D side, the 26-year-old winger could be missed by his friends. (Source: The Athletic)
  • Trae Young gave his version of the facts regarding the last episode between him and his coach Nate McMillan. And he took the opportunity to send a spade to a journalist.

“We are all adults, and sometimes we disagree. It’s just unfortunate that a private situation becomes public. […] It’s hard for people who don’t know the whole picture to really understand what’s going on. When you’re an outside guy like yourself, you can’t understand, so the best thing is to stay outside. Inside the group, everything is fine. »

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The program of the night

  • 1 hour: Hornets–Clippers
  • 1h: Magic–Bucks
  • 1h30: Hawks–Thunder
  • 1h30: Raptors–Celtics
  • 2 hours: Rockets–76ers
  • 2 hours: Grizzlies–Heat
  • 2h30: Mavs–Suns
  • 4h: Warriors–Pacers

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