Trae Young humiliated by internet users … during NFL draft

Last night took place the NFL Draft, the first major event in US sport since the suspension of the NBA season. So inevitably, all eyes were fixed on it, including those of Trae Young. Small problem for the leader of the Hawks, he was humiliated by an Internet user following an attempted troll. Ouch!

For the first time since the suspension of the NBA season, the American sports world woke up to the NFL draft. Coronavirus requires, this annual meeting was very special, because all the selected players were confined to their homes. Obviously, this gave birth to some funny scenes.

The one who made the most talk on social networks? The short sequence in which receiver CeeDee Lamb snatched his phone from his partner’s hands, as if he had something to hide from her. Big joker, Trae Young did not hesitate to react on his Twitter account.

“The brother said ‘naaaaaan, what are you doing? « 

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The small problem is that this joke tilted a net surfer who, after some research, stumbled upon a pearl. The young lady on the video, Trae Young actually knows her more than well …

« Isn’t that your ex-girlfriend? » « 

This is called a poster in the rules of the art! And a few responses under this tweet is enough to understand that no one, but absolutely no one, was ready to find out about this revelation.

« This is the signal to get out of here … »

You probably tell yourself that the world is small … But in fact, this revelation is not so surprising. Because like Trae Young, CeeDee Lamb followed a university course at the faculty of Oklahoma. In any case, this young student knows how to choose her partners …

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