Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport, glass shortage

A new finish for the Yaris Cross unveiled by Toyota, California, which asks its inhabitants to avoid recharging their electric car, but also the fear of a shortage of glass, a look back at automotive news in recent days.

Renault, « Come Chinese, I live with Alpine »

This should be the tube, industrial, back to school. Renault could, in part and soon, pass under the Chinese flag. In part, because only the production of thermal vehicles would be concerned. And the Geely group, Chinese, would be interested up to 40%. Geely, in Europe, it is in particular the London taxis, a majority stake in Lotus, the largest shareholder of Daimler or the owner of Volvo. Aramco is also interested. The Saudi oil giant would take 20% of Renault’s thermal branch, which would retain the remaining 40%. The goal of the French manufacturer is to find cash to finance the future of the brand, which goes through electricity. Problem, will France lose one of its historic builders?

Toyota Yaris Cross GR, “no sport”

September is the month of resolutions. This is the case for the Toyota Yaris Cross which has decided to get into sport. The Yaris Cross thus follows in the footsteps of the Yaris, period, which offered itself a vitamin cure a few months ago. 261 horsepower, all-wheel drive, manual transmission, real handbrake and less than 1,300 kg. The Yaris has thus won this, the « GR » coat of arms, to understand « Gazoo Racing ». The Yaris Cross also entitled to the GR appellation, a timidly revisited grille, new rims and that’s it. The block under the hood is the same as the original version. Looking sporty doesn’t necessarily make you sporty.

A drink is fine. No more glass, hello damage

You liked the semiconductor crisis – which is far from over, by the way. The one that increases the price of your new purchase or extends the delivery of your brand new model indefinitely. So you’re going to love the glass one. The one that is commonly used for the windshields and windows of any rolling object. Ah, this one is irrelevant. The glass crisis is the new anguish of the automotive world. And the first to worry about is VW. Blame it on soaring energy costs that could cause a shortage of glass in Europe. Since a well-informed manufacturer is worth two, VW undertakes to stock glass on a massive scale, so as not to be caught off guard when the shortage comes.

California, heat stroke on electric cars

Will the heat wave have the skin of electric cars? In California, the network no longer follows, while the air conditioning is running at full speed. As a result, the authorities are calling on citizens to reduce their consumption and owners of electric cars to avoid refueling at least between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. This is only a recommendation for the time being, which does not despair some motorists of grabbing a few kilowatt hours. A paradoxical provision, however, as California announced the end of sales of thermal cars in 2035.

Untangled herringbone

Citroën and Polestar were angry. Which was unfortunate for Polestar, which could not sell its models in France. The fault with the logo of the Sino-Swedish manufacturer, too close according to the French manufacturer, of that of Citroën and too close to that of DS. In all three cases, there are indeed rafters. Those of Citroën, historic and wild, those of modern and stylized DS and those of Polestar, positioned differently, evoking a North Star. The two groups have reached an agreement, the details of which remain secret and Polestar will finally be able to make its first rounds on the French market soon.

TEST / Mazda CX-60 PHEV

It is a battery-powered engine for Mazda, the e-Skyactiv PHEV unit, in other words the manufacturer’s first rechargeable hybrid. It is the CX-60 which inherits it, the only choice available in our regions for the moment. A 2.5l 4-cylinder coupled to an electric motor for a total power of 327 hp. Admittedly, this first risk of disconcerting fans of the brand, but remains in line with the standards of the premium SUVs that the CX-60 wishes to titillate. Especially since its competitive prices make our expert say that this new Mazda could find a more than honorable place on our roads.

INSO / The first Renault pick-up is 70 years old

It’s not just the Americans who offered pick-ups at the threshold of the 1950s. Renault also tried the adventure. It was the Colorale, an uninspired contraction of ‘colonial’ and ‘rural’, the markets for which the machine was primarily intended. In the early days, the Colorale was equipped with a 2.4l engine. of 48 hp. before inheriting that of the Frégate, a 2.0 of 58 hp. It was in 1952. The Renault pick-up thus celebrates its 70th anniversary, having known an almost-success, 40,000 copies having found takers during its 4 years of production.

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