Toyota GR86 vs. GR Supra, they resist

Toyota likes to cultivate its difference! King of the hybrid for 25 years, the Japanese generalist manufacturer has not said goodbye to sports cars. The proof with its GR range and its models as diverse as they are varied!

Appointment is made near Aix-en-Provence. And a little hint, Safet’s car is red… but Japanese!

4-cylinder flat atmospheric of 234 horsepower on one side therefore, and 6-cylinder in-line twin-turbo engine of 340 horsepower on the other for the Supra. Two completely different mechanical philosophies but two manual gearboxes and a single purpose, fun and sliding. With the very amusing Grand Sambuc circuit as a playground!

For the record, Toyota had to adapt the Supra to add its manual transmission. Moreover, on the prototype, the poorly placed gear lever hit the center console!

On the GR 86, no problem, it is only available with a manual gearbox. Most of the work has been done on its engine, which is larger in displacement and more powerful than on the older generation. Pledge of even more sensations!

In terms of performance, no surprise, it’s the Supra that wins thanks to two additional cylinders and its turbos. Livelier on the 0 to 100 km / h and faster in top speed, it fully assumes its Germanic DNA.

Less premium and more radical, the GR 86 comes closer to the definition of the old-school sports car. With its many qualities and its few faults!

A but called Malus and which climbs to 17,000 euros on this GR 86, more than half its price! A very French extravagance which explains the very small number of copies reserved for France, only 16!

Fortunately, there is still the GR Supra to satisfy purists looking for a sports car with a strong character. But here again you will have to get your hands on the wallet and pay €85,000 including malus to afford it. The price of authenticity and driving pleasure!

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