towards a return of gauges in Ligue 1 stadiums?

Back en masse in Ligue 1 stadiums almost since the start of the 2021-2022 season, will the public again be limited in the coming days by the authorities? As the threat of a return to total closed doors weighs on the German championship and the fifth wave of Covid-19 continues to progress, the question of reinstating the gauges in France necessarily arises.

Since August and the resumption of L1, the decision is up to the prefects to limit or not the presence of spectators. In Lyon, for example, the bar had been set at 33,500 places (with sanitary pass) out of the 59,000 or so at Groupama Stadium for the reception in Brest on the 1st day on Saturday, August 7. A week later, PSG for its part welcomed Strasbourg in a Parc des Princes 100%: 46,962 spectators.

The 2020-2021 season, it was largely disputed behind closed doors. On August 11, 2020, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced a maximum capacity of 5,000 spectators for all events welcoming the public. Corn it didn’t last three months : from October 30 the gauge was reduced to 30 people, effectively preventing the presence of the public in the stadiums.

Bundesliga: decision Thursday 2 December

Will the Bundesliga therefore be the first major championship to find itself in complete camera due to the coronavirus? The threat looms, while Leipzig has already played Saturday 27 November without spectators and that Bayern will in turn have to close its stadium to the public.

« We must assume that the Bundesliga will continue without spectators, released Tuesday, November 30 the president of the executive of the Land of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer. It’s a fair decision. ”The Land of Baden-Württemberg (Freiburg and Stuttgart in the Bundesliga) has also come out in favor of closing the stadiums to fans.

The leaders of the regional states and the German federal government, who failed to agree on this point at a first meeting, are expected to finally deliver their decision on Thursday, December 2. And if some obviously still want to try to save what can be saved, by limiting and controlling entry into the stadiums, the most radical have already expressed themselves.

Football has an important role of exemplarity

Markus Söder, head of the Bavarian regional government

« Football has an important role of exemplary », recalled the popular head of the Bavarian regional government Markus Söder. « There are different approaches (…) but if we do not take the decision (to ban spectators) at the federal level, Bavaria will do it alone« , he warned, announcing de facto the return of the closed door to Bayern Munich, without setting a date.

« If we close the Christmas markets, it makes no sense to send 15,000 or 18,000 people to football« , pleaded Mr. Söder. In Germany, each region is autonomous to decide on anti-Covid measures, and some clubs can play in a full or partially full stadium while others play behind closed doors.

Since August, some speakers were still very far from being able to refuel: Bayern Munich and Dortmund, the two leaders, played respectively in front of 34,000 and 43,000 spectators on average, or roughly half their capacity. On Saturday 27 November, Bayern were already under much stricter restrictions and only played against Bielefeld in front of 12,000 supporters.

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