Towards a major trade for the Nets after the decision of Kevin Durant?

Now that Kevin Durant has decided to stay with the Nets for next season, at least initially, the front office can focus on upcoming recruiting. Will Ben Simmons still be there? The question is worth asking, since the Aussie could be part of a major trade, aiming to hit hard in the Big Apple.

The Nets can finally focus for the upcoming new season, which promises to be important for the franchise. A defeat, and we can be sure that the rumors with Kevin Durant will be back in the forefront, not to mention Kyrie Irving, who will be a free agent in the summer of 2023. The front office must prepare for all scenarios, including a possible trade before the recovery to improve this roster. Ben Simmons? His name is already mentioned elsewhere.

Ben Simmons already traded to the Nets?

Even if the former Sixer has not played a single minute in Brooklyn, some doubts about his ability to win. A trade is not to be excluded in the near future, for example in exchange for Donovan Mitchell? This is what Skip Bayless claims in his show. According to him, several people have raised the possibility of an exchange between the two players. Needless to say, the Nets will have to add a few more assets.

“Utah and Brooklyn have discussed a possible trade between Simmons and Mitchell. »

Because of the current rules, impossible for the Nets to have Mitchell and Simmons in the team. The question being, is the Jazz interested in such a deal? We can doubt it, especially since Brooklyn is not overwhelmed with assets.

Mitchell, KD and Kyrie, oh my

If Sean Marks has a working brain, he’s keeping Simmons

Could Donovan Mitchell be a better addition than Ben Simmons on the floor? Knowing that there is only one ball, the idea is discussed. However, we imagine that the Nets have probed the Jazz, because it is not every day that such a star is available. It remains to be seen whether Sean Marks will take action, especially with a Kevin Durant who has decided to stay.

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