towards a first indictment for complicity in assassination

The 24-year-old young woman arrested on Saturday after the shooting death of former rugby player Federico Martin Aramburu in Paris saw her police custody end on Monday evening, we confirmed to RMC Sport. A judicial investigation will be opened against her and the suspect will be indicted for complicity in murder.

At a time when the police are still actively looking for two men suspected of having caused the death of former rugby player Federico Martin Aramburu on Saturday morning in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, the young woman arrested in this same news item came out of police custody on Monday according to information confirmed to RMC Sport.

Aged 24, this woman was arrested and taken into custody on Saturday late afternoon, early evening. This does not mean the end of the case for her. Still according to information from RMC Sport, she was brought before the Paris prosecutor’s office. She was presented to the investigating judge in charge of this case with a view to the opening of a judicial investigation and an indictment for complicity in murder.

An open judicial investigation, the two men still wanted

The young woman is suspected of being the driver of the Jeep which has been wanted since Saturday, the car in which the alleged suspects fled. Unlike the young woman, who was quickly taken into custody, two other individuals are still actively sought by investigators. These were quickly identified on the basis of numerous testimonies. One of them is known as a member of the ultra right and is called Loik Le Priol.

Placed under judicial control since 2015 and a violent attack on a former leader of the GUD, the alleged suspect in the assassination of Federico Martin Aramburu had no right to be in Paris or even to be in the company of the second wanted man by the police.

Investigators also rely on the use of video surveillance. The drama took place in the Boulevard Saint-Germain district in Paris on Saturday morning.

The former Argentinian rugby player with 22 selections with the Pumas, including Biarritz, Federico Martin Aramburu was installed on the terrace of a bar with his friend and former teammate at the BO Shawn Hegarty. It was there that a falling out opposed two groups who did not know each other: that of the rugby player and another.

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