Towards a calendar with a rotation system in F1?

McLaren CEO Zak Brown believes that at some point F1 will have no choice but to consider rotating certain calendar destinations if it wishes to introduce new races in the future.

In recent years, the Formula 1 calendar has continued to grow with the addition of several new destinations such as Miami and Qatar. The arrival of these new Grands Prix inevitably puts historic races under pressure and the latter must redouble their efforts to hope to retain their place in the face of ever more spectacular new sites offering F1 new scenery and new atmospheres aimed at attracting new fans. In this context, and while certain historic Grand Prix such as that of Belgium, France or Monaco, see their contracts come to an end this year, the question of knowing whether these races – which are part of the DNA of Formula 1 – must appear on the calendar each year is now asked.

With the very probable arrival of South Africa on the calendar next season, certain historic European rounds could therefore be forced into a rotation system (one year out of two) in the best of cases. Asked about it, McLaren CEO Zak Brown says a rotation system will probably have to be considered at some point as demand is very high from many new countries.

« Yeah, I think we have the luxury of having more and more countries wanting to host Grands Prix that we can fit into our calendar, so that’s a good problem to have. » believes the CEO of McLaren.

« At the end of the day, I think we all have huge faith in Stefano. [Domenicali, PDG de la F1] to put together the most optimal schedule for the fans, for the teams, for sustainability in terms of logistics, economy and all of that comes into play when creating a schedule. I think there will probably be a time when we have to consider rotating races because if we have the demand, and there are great tracks and great countries, then I think we should try to embrace them . »

“But it will be beyond what is physically possible to compete. And then we have some great venues that have arrived: Vegas, Miami and…I think we all love historic circuits, so hopefully there will be room to keep everyone on an adaptable and flexible schedule at the time. ‘coming. »

The calendar for the 2023 season is not yet known (it should be published in July), but we already know that the premier category is working on a project of 24 races, including 16 outside Europe.

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