Toulouse: he was carrying 3.5 kilos of herbal cannabis in his sports bag

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Three men were arrested on Tuesday in Toulouse for drug trafficking. One of the suspects was arrested while carrying 3.5 kilograms of herbal cannabis in his gym bag. They were all sentenced this Friday.

The police have traced the trail of several drug traffickers thanks to anonymous intelligence. This Tuesday, the members of the left bank anti-crime brigade are on surveillance towards the road from Seysses to Toulouse. They surprise an individual with a sports bag. The latter rushes into a hall of a building. During his arrest and search, the police discovered inside the bag 3.5 kilos of herbal cannabis and a knife.

Investigations carried out by the Narcotics Unit on the Left Bank are continuing. A search is carried out at the home of the drug transporter. At home, 1,000 euros in cash are found. The investigation will also allow to trace the track of a man who would be the supplier of drugs and another who would have the role of an intermediary.

These two suspects are in turn arrested. In one, the police got hold of 200 g of herbal cannabis, 20 g of cannabis resin and nearly 6,000 euros in cash. In the second, a precision balance and some traces of resin will be found. The trio, aged 29, 30 and 32, all known to the police, were taken into police custody. At the end they were referred and then tried this Friday in immediate appearance.

In court, they each explained the facts in very different ways, accusing each other. The man carrying the 3.5 kilos of drugs explained that he owed a drug debt of 2,000 euros. « To reimburse her I had the idea of ​​getting drugs to make money by selling it. It is my friend who is here in the box who referred me to a contact », a thus justified the person concerned at the bar.

« Discordant versions »

The friend in question, defended by Me Marwan Hatoum, denies having slipped the name of someone to obtain narcotics. Finally, the one in whom the nearly 6,000 euros in cash were found, defended by Me Martin, justifies their origin by specifying that he kept the drugs and the money on behalf of the one arrested with the bag full of drugs.

For the Public Prosecutor, « it is difficult to request so much we are tired of listening to these discordant versions. They all pass the buck to each other ».

For the one arrested by the police in possession of 3.5 kilos of drugs, the public prosecutor requires 12 months in prison, including six months with probationary suspension, for the one who would have slipped the name of someone to provide himself with drugs, defended by Me Boscari, 6 months under electronic surveillance and finally for the third man found with cash and narcotics 12 months in prison including four months accompanied by probationary suspension with continued detention. At the end of the deliberation, the trio were sentenced to 12 months, 6 of which were accompanied by a probationary period under the regime of semi-liberty for the two friends. The third to 8 months under the semi-liberty regime.

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