Toulouse: for its young players, the TFC has created a high school, Toulouse FC Education


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The Toulouse football club has opened its own high school since the start of the school year, Toulouse FC Education, which welcomes around sixty student-players in a building at 118, route d’Espagne in Toulouse. The inauguration took place this Wednesday, October 20, in the presence of the president of the TFC Damien Comolli, the mayor of Toulouse Jean-Luc Moudenc and the rector of the Toulouse academy Mostafa Fourar.

The young students recruited from the age of 15 by the Toulouse football club (TFC), currently leading the league 2 championship, some of whom will make a career of professional footballer, now have their own high school. Playing round ball and having the baccalaureate is better. « Those who make a career will be retired at the age of 32, or even 37 at best, » says TFC communications manager Martin Truchot.

A change of gear for the Toulouse club, recognized as one of the five best training centers in France, whose young recruits were enrolled in secondary school, at Marcelin Berthelot college and at Bellevue high school in Toulouse.

Since the start of the school year, 56 high-level athletes, aged 15 to 20, have joined Toulouse FC Education, in the form of an agreement with the club, and benefit from a wide choice of training courses. the second at the terminal. The new high school is spread over 600 m2 with 12 classrooms, but is out of contract with the national education system.

Several options are offered for a course that lasts ten months: in general high school, with maths and physics (SVT and SES) for the second and first, the choice of a terminal in economic and social sciences (SES) or in history-geography , geopolitics and political science.

95% success in the baccalaureate

In technological high school: a first and a final in science and technology of management and management (STMG). Finally, in vocational high school, from second to final, in administrative management with professional certificate for youth, popular education and sport in terminal or digital system and commerce.

The success rate of the TFC footballers’ baccalaureate? « 95% success on average over the last three years, » it says. For the mayor of Toulouse and president of Toulouse Métropole Jean-Luc Moudenc, the creation of this establishment « is part of a long tradition at TFC on the educational issue ». « Everything is in any case perfectly up to standard, » said the rector of the Toulouse academy Mostafa Fourar.

« This is a project that dates back a year, said TFC President Damien Comolli. In the continuity of the training center opened in 2005 and which has trained 85 players who play in five European football championships. The concept of this school is based on a partnership with Sport studies academy. We do everything differently: take a little Spanish, Portuguese and Toulouse style and you have the cocktail. « 


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