Touched, Steph Curry releases a big info on his injury

Stephen Curry scared himself last night by painfully injuring his hand. He also admitted to having felt the same pain as two years ago, when he broke his left hand. After the meeting, he gave a big info on his injury.

Stephen Curry 2022 is having a rather complicated year on an individual level… If his Warriors are still in the heights of the Western Conference and have recorded the promising return of Klay Thompson, the Chief is in difficulty with his shooting, and his statistics are in free fall . Unfortunately for him, he seems to have moved away from the MVP race, in favor of players like Ja Morant or LeBron James.

In fact, since the start of the year, the Golden State No. 30 has played 7 games, averaging 19.6 points, 6.4 assists and 6.1 rebounds, all at just 35% shooting success and 30% at 3 dots. Numbers that are far from his status as the best shooter of all time, and which are starting to worry fans a lot. As things stand, the title will be difficult to win.

Steph Curry felt the same pain as on his broken hand

And because fate tends to be fierce, Stephen Curry got a big scare this Friday against Chicago. Author of a new average meeting according to his standards, with 19 points, 2 assists and 2 rebounds, the leader injured his right hand, and he felt the same pain as two years ago, when he s his left hand was broken this time. After the meeting, he gave a big update.

Everything about my hand, especially the right, worries me. I regained my feelings, I have a little strength in it, so even if I’m in a lot of pain I think I’ll be fine. I had a bad memory of two years ago, instantly I felt the same sensation. We will have to do further examinations but it should be fine. We can rule out a big injury, but with my right hand I don’t want daily discomfort.

Stephen Curry was scared at the time, but he quickly regained sensation in his hand, which allows him to say that it is not broken. Excellent news for the Warriors and for the fans, since even with a breakdown of skill, the Chief remains the most important cog in the machine developed by Steve Kerr. But be careful not to rejoice too quickly, a surgeon has made an important clarification on the situation.

Often (I hope not) with hand injuries, the damage is not initially visible on CT scans, but shows up on further X-rays. Often pain and swelling can prevent a good exam.

A priori, more fear than harm for Stephen Curry, who can move his right hand. But as the surgeon points out, it is difficult to form a definitive opinion without further examinations. In any case, this injury will not fix the crisis of address of the leader.

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