Tottenham mercato: Antonio Conte will really have to recruit

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Antonio Conte, manager of Tottenham, pointed out the weaknesses of his team after their loss in Slovenia to the modest Mura. The statements of the Italian technician after the meeting leave no room for ambiguity on the fact that he will recruit during the next winter transfer window.

« It is not easy because, at the moment, the level of Tottenham is not very high ». The declaration ofAntonio Conte reported by BBC Football after his team’s defeat in the Conference Europa League against Mura (2-1) leaves no room for doubt. The Spurs manager is not satisfied with the level of his team and the behavior of his players: “The situation is starting to be very clear in my mind. I like to win and I play to win in all competitions. It must be the same for my players ” he adds as if to press well where it hurts.

Antonio Conte wants time

And the following sentences fromAntonio Conte confirm their need to recruit very quickly: “The club is exceptional away – to create a stadium – but now we start from the back. I have found players who want to work and have a lot of commitment, but sometimes that is not enough. We need time, but we have to do better in everything, everything, everything ” he concluded.

Tottenham executives warned

The leaders of Tottenham are warned. They will have to write a few checks to give the means of his ambitions to a manager who had refused to come last summer for lack of ambition of the London club on the transfer market….

To love is also to share:

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