Toto Wolff sees teams cheating in F1: ‘Clearly against the rules’

Toto Wolff is adamant that some Formula 1 teams are breaking FIA skate rules. The Mercedes team boss sees no fewer than two rules being flouted, which he says should be strictly enforced by the motorsport federation.

Porpoising is a hot topic this season. The rebound of new generation cars is a problem and Mercedes and others have gotten the FIA ​​to take concrete measures to combat this phenomenon.

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New technical guidelines have been introduced, which will be checked during the Belgian Grand Prix. Floorboards, also called « skates« , must be reinforced and can only show a minimum of wear, which will also be checked by the FIA. It seems that some teams have tried tricks to bring their car closer to the ground without having to suffer from excessive And that is not allowed, as Toto Wolff also knows.

The pads disappear under the floor, according to Wolff.

The Mercedes team boss has often criticized Red Bull’s solutions for his RB18 and once again Wolff alludes to infringements by the Austrian team, although he does not name them.

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« Some teams have skids that obviously disappear when the car hits the ground. The reason for the skids is precisely to reduce floor wear, but if the skids can miraculously disappear into the floor then it’s clearly the opposite. to the rules »Wolff told reporters in Austria, his home country.

Flexion of up to one millimeter

This is not the only rule that is not respected. « Then there’s the second thing and that’s that there’s a board that can bend, or actually move more than should be tolerated.“, Wolff explained.”The limit is one millimeter, but if the board bends more than one millimeter, of course you gain in performance“, assures the director of the Silver Arrows.

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