Top most expensive cars sold in 2022

Let’s talk a bit about car and events unfolding around them. Indeed, last year, France hosted several car auctions. Huge transactions took place there. Discover the top most expensive cars sold in 2022. Did you know that the 15 most expensive cars sold at auction in France in 2022 cost a total of 31 million euros?

A Porsche is the most expensive car sold at auction in 2022

That 1968 Porsche 907 which is the penultimate 907 produced is in first position in this ranking of the most expensive cars sold at auction in 2022. It cost €4,390,400. In addition to its rarity, it has earned this sum thanks to its track record which adds added value to this racing car.

Ferrari cars are in the 2nd position of the most expensive cars sold at auction in 2022

When it comes to collectible cars, Ferraris are bound to be on the list. Indeed, this line of supercars wins second place in terms of the most sold cars at auction in 2022. In particular, 5 Ferraris are in the top 15 of this ranking. There is then the F50 from 1996 sold to €4,161,600 by Artcurial at Retromobile. Moreover, the cheapest is a F40 from 1989 awarded to €2,102,400.

cars of the 60s

“Old but gold” as they say. These cars from the 60s still attract the attention of collectors. Indeed, a 1964 Porsche 904 GTSwas sold to €1,345,500. In addition, a 1963 Aston Martin DB5 was awarded to €834,400. Furthermore, the Lamborghini Miura in a 1969 S version was ordered from €1,416,000.

French brands among the most expensive cars sold at auction in 2022

In this ranking, there are two French brands. The first is Bugatti. One of his cars type 37A from 1926 was sold to €894,000 at Retromobile. This car was acquired by Jacques Dufilho in 1957. He will restore it to improve its performance.

On the other hand, the 1996 Bugatti EB110 GT was awarded to €1,817,000 at Bonhams in Paris.

Another French brand in the ranking: the Gordini type 18S from 1950. She got a new owner for the sum of €1,013,200. Know that it was piloted at Le Mans by Juan Manuel Fangio.

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