Top 9: The best Ferraris that…are not Ferraris

Ferrari not Ferrari: Touring Arese RH95

Touring Arese RH95

It is to the Italian coachbuilder Touring that we owe the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante. Transforming an extraordinary Italian beauty, in this case the Alfa Romeo 8C, into something even more exceptional is therefore no problem for the carrozzeria. So when Touring decides to create a rebodied Ferrari and get their hands on an F8 Tributo, they do this: the Arese RH95.

It retains the original 710 hp twin-turbo V8, but gets new carbon body panels and scissor doors. Only 18 copies will be made. So if you want a real Ferrari rarer than this Arese RH95, you will have to order a unique model from Ferrari.

Ferrari not Ferrari: New Stratos

New Stratos

The Stratos of 21and century ended up going into production in 2019. That is 15 years after its presentation. At the time, it was based on the fastest road-going Ferrari, the 430 Scuderia.

The Italian coachbuilder Manifattura Automobili Torino had shortened the wheelbase to give the Stratos even more agile behavior. He also kept the 4.3 510hp V8 but gave it a mechanical gearbox… not offered by Ferrari. And boom !

Ferrari not Ferrari: Glickenhaus P4/5 Competizion

Glickenhaus P4/5 Competizion

Based on a Ferrari Enzo, Jim Glickenhaus’ P4/5 inspired by the 1960s P3 prototype, is one of the most stunning and successful rebodied Ferraris of all time. So successful that she officially had the honor of wearing the Cavallino.

Then the P4/5, in turn, inspired a racing version. But, instead of carving out yet another Enzo, Glickenhaus based their P4/5 Competition on a racing F430 GTC. Which didn’t sit well with Ferrari. That’s why the P4/5 Competition was not allowed to be adorned with the Prancing Horse during its adventures at the 24 Hours of Nürburgring in 2011 and 2012.

Ferrari not Ferrari: Touring Superleggera Aero 3

Touring Superleggera Aero 3

Before creating the Arese, Touring had attempted to reinvent a V12-powered Ferrari. Ambition, when you hold us… That’s how the Aero 3 above was born. It is based on a Ferrari F12 and is inspired by Italian racing cars of the 1930s. The 15 examples produced have retained the original 740 hp but have gained 150 kg thanks to carbon body panels.

Ferrari not Ferrari: Ares Design '250 GTO'

Ares Design ‘250 GTO’

Wow, controversial project to say the least. Ferrari was not thrilled (and then NOT AT ALL!) that someone would transform an F12 or an 812 to « pay homage » to one of the most iconic cars, perhaps THE most iconic, from Ferrari: the 250 GTO.

So much so that this project became the subject of a legal battle during which Ferrari tried to block the use of the shape of the 250 GTO. In vain… or almost, to date any reference to this “evocation” of the 250 GTO has disappeared from the Ares Design website. Probability of going into production? Let’s say microscopic.

Ferrari not Ferrari: Vandenbrink GTO

Vandenbrink GTO

In the “other reinterpretation of 250 GTOs based on a modern Ferrari V12” family, I would like the Vandenbrink GTO. This time it was the Dutchman Vandenbrink Design who wanted to revive the myth from a 599 GTB.

Two versions were planned, a standard 650 hp and a special thrust 730 hp. Since the announcement, the only significant development of the project is on the Vandenbrink site where the base has changed from the 599 GTB to the F12? For the rest like… the production, nothing. Another revival of GTO that will never have the chance to land in the air-conditioned cellar of a billionaire collector.

Ferrari not Ferrari: Ferrari Conciso

Ferrari Conciso

We will, for a moment, break our own rule – we have the right, we decide! – because, technically, it is indeed a Ferrari. Sort of. The Conciso, « concise » in Italian, was originally a unique 328 GTS, born in the 1990s, then rebuilt as a speedster version without doors or roof in a style inspired by a single-seater.

If you get there, forget for a moment its headlights integrated into the fenders that come to eat the hood (?!?) and see it as a sort of Ferrari-powered Ariel Atom. Better ! imagine a modern “Concisco” based on a 296 GTB…

Ferrari not Ferrari: RML Short Wheelbase

RML Short Wheelbase

What if you really want a Ferrari 250 SWB, but ‘don’t want’ to pay eight figures? Our solution, make a phone call to the British RML. If you don’t know them, you know at least one of their creations, the Nissan Juke-R (a Nissan Juke placed on the running gear and… the engine of Godzilla himself, the Nissan GT-R. Asking nicely, they can build you a 250 SWB-esque carbon fiber shell, to sit on the chassis of a Maranello 550. Allow 4.1s for 0-60mph and 180mph peak .

What ? Don’t you have a 550 Maranello lying around in your garage? If you don’t make an effort…

Ferrari not Ferrari: GTO Engineering Squalo

GTO Engineering Squalo

While the RML above is a retro body based on a 1990s GT, GTO Engineering’s Squalo (shark in Italian) is totally bespoke. But, it relies on all the experience of GTO Engineering fanatics. And, incidentally, on their recent « Revival » range which includes the 250 SWB Revival, the 250 TR Revival and, since 2021, the California Spider Revival.

The Squalo therefore sits on its own chassis and has its own V12. But it’s impossible to look at this sublime coupe without seeing a lot of Ferraris from the 60s, is it?

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