Top 50: 90 seconds of happiness (from 10 to 2)

There was a time when Austria was one of the major footballing nations. The proof with this 1954 World Cup, where the Austrians reached the semi-finals, the best result in their history. But before being demolished in half by the FRG, Austria had taken out the host country, Switzerland, after a legendary match. Warning: meeting not recommended for people with heart problems. Full of confidence after beating Italy, Switzerland attack this quarter-final with their feet firmly on the ground. At the 16e minute, Ballaman opens the scoring. 60 seconds pass, and boom, Hügi the good tips double the bet. The emotions are not over for the 35,000 spectators at the Olympic stadium in Pontaise, since the same Hügi scored a third goal in the 19e minute. Three goals in four minutes, how could Austria recover? Well it’s very simple: she will recover by scoring three goals… in three minutes. Wagner begins the Austrian symphony at the 26e minute. 54 seconds later, Körner planted the second goal (not from a corner), and 62 seconds later, Wagner equalized at 3-3. It’s absolutely nonsense, especially since Austria, not satisfied, adds a fourth to the 32ethen a fifth at the 34e minute ! Annoyed, Ballamann reduced the mark to five minutes from the break. At half-time, nine goals have already been scored, ie one goal every five minutes. The second period will be a bit calmer: « only » three goals scored, for a final victory 7-5. Funny: the three Austrian goals (26e27e28e) are the three closest goals ever scored in the World Cup, just ahead of… the three Swiss goals (16e17e19e) entered in the same game. EM

#3: Germany – Italy, 2006

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