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From May 15 to July 3, TDActu presents its Top 50 NFL players. To arrive at this ranking, each member of the editorial staff voted for the 50 players they would like to have on their team to start the coming season. These rankings were then compiled to form the final Top 50. The opportunity to debate, but also to present 50 profiles to those new to the NFL.

Lamar Jackson – Quarterback – Baltimore Ravens

Draft: n ° 32 in the 1st round of the 2018 Draft – Louisville

CV: voted best NFL player (MVP) in 2019

2020 stats (regular season): 2757 yards for 26 touchdowns (9 interceptions), 1005 yards and 5 TDs on the ground

Career stats (regular season): 7,085 yards for 68 touchdowns and 18 interceptions, 2,906 yards and 19 touchdowns while wearing the leather.

Why is he here?

He runs (a lot) and he throws. In 2020 Lamar Jackson passed for 2,757 yards, the 22nd total among quarterbacks. His touchdowns / interceptions ratio is excellent as he found the end zone 26 times while being intercepted only 9 times. However, his targets released 16 times a ball that landed in their hands! Criticized for his style of play, Lamar Jackson was nevertheless voted best NFL player in 2019 and above all, he helped his team win 25 games against only 7 losses over the last two seasons. And this is what we ask of a quarterback: to win games.

Elusive when he decides to run, Jackson gives opposing defensive coordinators nightmares. He is the number 1 expert to play in « read option »: tactic where the quarterback analyzes the defensive choices at the time of the engagement, then decides according to transmit to his runner, to run himself or to perform a past.

The “face” of a franchise, Lamar Jackson is a natural leader with charisma and humility. Appreciated or criticized, he is a major player in professional sport in the United States, the genre whose name everyone knows. It is one of the main attractions of the NFL.

What objective in 2021?

If the Ravens have been in the playoffs for the past three years, they cannot get past the second round. If he can not be the only responsible, as a quarterback and therefore leader of the team, Lamar Jackson must still raise his level. It will be difficult for him to do better on the ground (1000+ yards and 7 TDs in 2019 and 2020), so he must become a more decisive passer. For this goal, the Ravens signed Sammy Watkins and selected Rashod Bateman in the first round of the 2021 draft. John Harbaugh hopes that his quarterback will be better surrounded and thus reach the ultimate game.

The goal for Lamar Jackson is of course to become a more complete player, by weighing more with his arm. Especially when it matters most: during the 2020 playoffs, Lamar Jackson failed to launch a touchdown in two games (1 TD on the ground).

Sometimes mocked as a runner playing quarterback, Lamar Jackson has his detractors. His relaxed attitude gives the impression of a young man striving to be the best he can be, without worrying about having to prove anything. Except undoubtedly his mother, the one who trained him in addition to having raised him.

Heard in the editorial staff

“The Lamar case! If he is spectacular, he is a much better pitcher than expected at the end of university, I expect him to perform well in the playoffs to make him a top 10 QB ”, Victor Roullier.

“Lamar Jackson: Definitely the best passer among the running backs. », Alexandre Lauque

“Lamar Jackson is the MVP that everyone wants but not in his team. », Raoul Villeroy

« Lamar Jackson: a strong and spectacular player, but is he decisive? Can he save the Ravens in the playoffs? », Elioth Salmon

“Jackson: I believe in Lamar. He will never be this « Brady » QB. But will that prevent him from winning over time? I don’t think so and that’s what matters. », Raphaël Masmejean


50. Fred Warner, LB, 49ers

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