[Top 50] # 3: Aaron Rodgers, the nagging grudge

From May 15 to July 3, TDActu presents its Top 50 NFL players. To arrive at this ranking, each member of the editorial staff voted for the 50 players they would like to have on their team to start the coming season. These rankings were then compiled to form the final Top 50. The opportunity to debate, but also to present 50 profiles to those new to the NFL.

Aaron Rodgers – Quarterback – Green Bay Packers

ID card : 37 years old – 1.88 cm – 102 kg

Draft: n ° 24 in the 1st round of the 2005 Draft – California

CV: 1x Super Bowl (2010), 1x Super Bowl MVP (2010), 3x MVP (2011, 2014, 2020), 3x All-Pro (2011, 2014, 2020), 9x Pro Bowl (2009, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020), member of the typical NFL team of the 2010s.

2020 stats: 16 games, 372/526 (70.7% of passes completed), 4,299 yards, 48 ​​touchdowns, 5 interceptions, 121.5 overall rating + 38 runs, 149 yards, 3 touchdowns.

Career stats: 197 games in 16 years, 4285/6587 (65.1% of passes completed), 51,245 yards, 412 touchdowns, 89 interceptions, 103.9 overall statistical evaluation + 652 runs, 3,271 yards, 31 touchdowns.

Why is he here?

We left him sulky during our previous version of the top 50, things haven’t changed much two years later. In 2019, head coach Mike McCarthy was in his sights, criticism is now crystallizing at the level of the thinking heads of the franchise. What has changed, however, is another face displayed on the field, quite different from the last seasons of the McCarthy era in Wisconsin. At his side now Matt LaFleur, a young coach with an offensive spirit who fits perfectly with the current trend. The former coordinator of the Rams and Titans was able to show diplomacy and a lot of skill to put his star, and Green Bay, on the right path. That of victory. As a result, new patterns, more diversity in the games and a new role for the team leader. The master to play of one of the best attacks in the league.

More managerial than in the past, without losing production or efficiency, number 12 has taken a little time to assimilate the changes. A first season to break in, before literally exploding and becoming again MVP of the league at the top of his 37 years. 4,299 yards, 48 ​​touchdown passes, 70.7% of passes completed for only 5 interceptions, Rodgers feasted on the backs of opponents who (unfortunately) tried to cover his receivers in 1 on 1. It’s simple, no NFL quarterback has been better than him in this situation.

The Californian has clearly conveyed the message to his employer. Even if this one does not seem to have received the notification. No, he is not finished and no, he does not intend to leave his place to the player of 2e year, Jordan Love, who happens to be the collateral victim in this ego war. His latest campaign abounds in this direction and thwarted the original plans imagined by Brian Gutekunst. He remains the incumbent and retains all the confidence of his teammates to guide them to the top.

What objective in 2021?

Far from being stupid, the veteran quickly understood the plans of the general manager. Very resentful, he did not fail to compromise everything. After two seasons without participation in the playoffs, Green Bay has returned to the forefront in the NFC conference and the level of play displayed is clearly pointing upwards. The quarterback knows it. He uses his individual and collective performances to keep control in the tug-of-war.

An excellent communicator, he did not miss an opportunity to scratch the upper echelons of the franchise whenever the opportunity arose during the offseason. But a few weeks before the resumption, Aaron Rodgers clearly needs to make his will known instead of beating around the bush. Exchange? Retirement ? Strike? New contract? Less than a month before the resumption of training camps, no one really knows his position, each going from his guess. Not the best conditions for a preparation, but that hardly seems to bother the principal concerned.

The man desires more respect given his history with the team. The argument is valid, but just as reciprocal because he remains player and employed by the Packers. One thing is certain, if he returns to Green Bay, he must do everything to silence the criticism of his behavior. In line of sight, a second ring that would certainly make him rise in the hierarchy of the giants of the post. A godsend, no one is better than him to use rejection as a motivation.

Heard in the editorial

“A potential MVP every season when he dodges injuries. I find it hard to pin down the man who can seem as nice and generous as he is painful and selfish, ”Raoul Villeroy.

« After a few years in the hard, his mastery of the LaFleur system propelled him to the top », Clément.

« Too high considering his age, but still one of the best », Victor Roullier.

The general classification

4. Russell Wilson – Quarterback, Seahawks
5. TJ Watt – Edge rusher, Steelers
6. DeAndre Hopkins – Receiver, Cardinals
7. Travis Kelce – Tight End, Chiefs
8. Jalen Ramsey – Cornerback, Rams
9. Quenton Nelson – Guard, Colts
10. Davante Adams – WR, Packers
11. Myles Garrett – DE, Browns
12. George Kittle – TE, 49ers
13. Tom Brady – QB, Buccaneers
14. Derrick Henry – RB, Titans
15. Khalil Mack – OLB, Bears
16. Stefon Diggs – WR, Bills
17. Deshaun Watson – QB, Texans
18. Devin White – LB, Buccaneers
19. David Bakhtiari – Tackle, Packers
20. Josh Allen – QB, Bills
21. Ronnie Stanley – OT, Ravens
22. Minkah Fitzpatrick – S, Steelers
23. Bobby Wagner – LB, Seahawks
24. Nick Bosa – DE, 49ers
25. Chris Jones – DT, Chiefs
26. Tyreek Hill – WR, Chiefs
27. DeForest Buckner – DT, Colts
28. Xavien Howard – CB, Dolphins
29. Trent Williams – OT, 49ers
30. Christian McCaffrey – RB, Panthers
31. Jaire Alexander – CB, Packers
32. Dalvin Cook – RB, Vikings
33. Tyrann Mathieu – S, Chiefs
34. Stephon Gilmore – CB, Patriots
35. Darious Leonard – LB, Colts
36. Tre’Davious White – CB, Bills
37. Joey Bosa – DE, Chargers
38. Mike Evans – WR, Buccaneers
39. Julio Jones – WR, Falcons
40. Justin Simmons – S, Broncos
41. Zack Martin – OG, Cowboys
42. Alvin Kamara – RB, Saints
43. Chandler Jones – DE, Cardinals
44. Jamal Adams – S, Seahawks
45. Chase Young – DE, Football Team
46. ​​Lavonte David – LB, Buccaneers
47. Nick Chubb – RB, Browns
48. Corey Linsley – C, Chargers
49. Lamar Jackson – QB, Ravens
50. Fred Warner – LB, 49ers

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