Top 10 starting pitchers: Corbin Burnes tops MLB roster

MLB is currently making the top 10 players in its league at every position. This kind of list always generates its share of discussions and is sometimes made precisely to make people talk.

But there is to talk and to talk…

It’s that on the last list released, the one listing the ten best starting pitchers in major league baseball, we can find certain aberrations, to be polite.

Starting with position number. What is Corbin Burnes doing at this level? Certainly, the right-handed redhead has his place in the top 10, but from there to placing him at the top of the list, there are limits.

Now let’s move on to the case of Sandy Alcantara, who appears fifth on this same list. Truly? The Cy Young Trophy winner in the National League is expected to rise to No. 2, just behind Justin Verlander.

You know, I’m a fan of the New York Yankees, but what is Carlos Rodon doing at the third echelon of the charts? He too should certainly be part of this enumeration, but not so high.

We can however understand that Jacob deGrom arrives second to last, he who is very often slowed down by injuries. When he proves that he can maintain his excellence over a long period of time, he can take back his rightful throne.

Then comes the time to talk about the forgotten. Where are the Alek Manoah, Zac Gallen and Dylan Cease of this world, to name a few? It is true that we cannot include all the protagonists in this short list, but at least one of them deserved to be there, probably in place of Zack Wheeler.

All this to say that if the goal of the MLB was to talk, it’s successful. But it may need a little more rigor at this level in the future…

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