Top 10 MLB Offseason Moves


A few days before the recovery in MLB with the start of spring training, it’s time to take stock of an offseason rich in transactions. To get started in 2021, We Sport offers you its Top 10 movements that punctuated the fall and winter, seasons rich in exchanges this year.

1- Francisco Lindor (SS, Cleveland Indians → New York Mets)

Come in an exchange

Already in transfer rumors last year and during the previous season, Francisco Lindor finally packed up this winter. Exit Cleveland then, and hello New York! After having built an excellent reputation in Ohio, the one who is considered one of the best players in his position arrives at Big Apple with ambition and will have to help a franchise that will aim for the first places in the National League.

2- Nolan Arenado (3B, Colorado Rockies → St Louis Cardinals)

Arrived in an exchange

Like Francisco Lindor’s, Nolan Arenado’s move only seemed like a matter of time since last year. The latter finally took place in January and therefore landed the best defenseman in the league (4x Platinium Glove) in Missouri. Still among the favorites in the NL Central, the Cardinals will therefore be able to rely on an exceptional player in the hard corner.

3- Trevor Bauer (SP, Cincinnati Reds → Los Angeles Dodgers)

Signed for 3 years, $ 102 million (opt-outs in 2021 & 2022)

NL Cy Young Trevor Bauer was one of the most coveted players this offseason last year. A native of North Hollywood and a UCLA player in college, he decided to come back to his hometown by signing with the defending champions Los Angeles Dodgers. In an already dense rotation (Walker Buehler, Clayton Kershaw) he might only be the third option but this signing responds perfectly to the Padres’ absolutely insane market on the rotation (see below).

4- George Springer (CF, Houston Astros → Toronto Blue Jays)

Signed for 6 years, $ 150 million

Head north for George Springer. An important part of the Astros roster for several seasons, with which he won the 2017 World Series of which he was elected MVP, he is therefore going to take up a new challenge in Toronto. Signed at a gold price, he reinforces a young and ambitious squad where he will bring all his mastery at the bat.

5- Blake Snell (SP, Tampa Bay Rays → San Diego Padres)

Arrived in an exchanged

San Diego needed a boost in their rotation, and San Diego didn’t go by half measures to fill in the gaps. Ace on the side of Tampa Bay and winner of the trophy AL Cy young a few years ago (2018), Blake Snell was debauched at the Rays. Embarrassed by several physical glitches in recent seasons, Snell is still a terribly efficient pitcher who has one of the best strikeout rate over the past few years. Considered by some to be a # 2 rather than a true Ace, it will do a lot of good for the rotation of the Padres who are asserting themselves a little more as a serious candidate in National League.

6- Yu Darvish (SP, Chicago Cubs → San Diego Padres)

Arrived in an exchange

If you thought San Diego was going to end there after picking up Blake Snell, you were wrong. A few hours after setting up this exchange, the Padres brought in another pitcher of great talent in the person of Yu Darvish. Runner-up for the NL Cy Young last season, the Japanese is one of the best in his role since his explosion in 2019. As notes, the Padres now have four potentials. Aces in their rotation (Lamet, Snell, Darvish, Clevinger) which, combined with talented young pitchers (Paddack, Gore, Morejon) is definitely the best rotation in all of MLB.

7- Liam Hendricks (RP, Oakland Athletics → Chicago White Sox)

Signed for 3 years, $ 54 million (fourth year optional)

Weight reinforcement in the bullpen of the White Sox. Considered the best relief pitcher in the entire league, Liam Hendricks decided to leave Oakland to join Chicago, which already had a group of relievers solid. The Australian is a real improvement for the Illinois franchise who is sure to be one to watch in the race forAL Central.

8- Josh Bell (1B, Pittsburgh Pirates → Washington Nationals)

Arrival in an exchange

After many transfer rumors during the 2019 season, Josh Bell finally left the Pittsburgh ship in 2021. Falling into line last year after an explosive season in 2019, Bell still remains a hitter solid which will bring more security to Washington at first base. Juan Soto and Trea Turner lacked supporting cast last year and this arrival can only rejoice them.

9- Marcus Semien (IF, Oakland Athletics → Toronto Blue Jays)

Signed for 1 year, $ 18 million

Like Josh Bell, Marcus Semien struggled to confirm last season after a year 2019 that allowed him to finish third in the AL MVP. Despite its recent setbacks, theinfielder Californian is still a reliable option who should slip into second base to leave Bo Bichette in the position of shortstop.

10- Andrew Benintendi (LF, Boston Red Sox → Kansas City Royals)

Arrived in an exchange

The exchanges punctuated this 2021 offseason, and the transfer of Andrew Benintendi to Kansas City is the latest proof. Excellent in 2018 in the quest for the Red Sox title, theoutfielder The Ohio native was unable to follow through in the next two seasons, especially because of a rib injury. This season will have to be one of renewal for the neo-Royal, which will have to fully express its potential to regain its standards of two years ago.

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