Too strong, Victor Wembanyama lets go of his first quote à la Michael Jordan!

Victor Wembanyama is a very intelligent, very mature young man, and it shows both on the pitch and in everyday life. The proof, at 18, he has just released an exceptional citation, worthy of the greatest. A certain Michael Jordan better watch out.

Victor Wembanyama already has everything of a great player, whether in the game or notoriety. On the field, the pivot of the Metropolitans is unquestionably the best player in the French championship, his team is at the top of the standings, and if the good dynamic continues, why not dream of a title at the end of the season? There is a problem that no one can solve at the moment…

And if his club is doing so well, it’s because he manages to pass on something to his teammates. His confidence is contagious, and that’s also what being a leader is all about. At 18 he may not yet have the wise word of a veteran to motivate everyone in the locker room, but he leads by example on the court and pushes his partners to level up.

Victor Wembanyama’s epic quote

Because he has a string of cards and is presented as a future legend across the Atlantic, Victor Wembanyama can already be considered a basketball superstar. He should soon reach one million subscribers on Instagram, and he is also starting to speak like the greatest. Like a Michael Jordan for example, the Mets kingpin pulls out epic quotes.

Victor Wembanyama : The problem when you make everything look easy is that people think it’s easy.

When the great Michael Jordan said: Some want it to happen, some would like it to happen and some make it happen « , Kobe Bryant also had many mythical quotes on work and the work ethic, like some wise words like:  » If you think you’re going to fail, then you’re probably going to fail. « .

Sporting philosophy therefore seems to be a common trait among the greatest athletes and Victor Wembanyama, without perhaps even realizing it, has just followed suit with this statement on Instagram. If it will now be necessary to confirm his status as a young star in the months and years to come, his post has already reached a very wide audience since even Kevin Durant was quick to comment on his words.

Victor Wembanyama has everything of a future legend on the field, with unique qualities and exceptional performances, but also outside. At 18, he is already able to pull out quotes that will be remembered for years.

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