Too strong at the Euro, Dennis Schröder finds a team!

By agreeing to play the EuroBasket with Germany, Dennis Schroder took a big risk for his future in the NBA. But the fact is that the leader has been excellent since the start of the competition, especially as he is about to be rewarded according to information from Marc Stein. We can say that the former Laker has succeeded perfectly.

By refusing a contract extension with the Lakers, around $90 million, Dennis Schroder had taken a big risk in the City of Angels in 2021. Instead, the leader had decided to bet on his performance, in the hope of touching a bigger jackpot. You probably know the story today, the German got nothing at all. Some players have had the right to a few contracts, but not Schroder, who was content with a few million at the Celtics.

A few months later, the leader was even traded to the Rockets to help young people in Texas. An important mission for him, still hoping to land a new contract. Problem ? Like Carmelo Anthony and other veterans, Schroder is still available on the market. But that should change very quickly, once his EuroBasket is over.

Dennis Schroder’s successful bet!

Despite the fact that he is without a franchise, the German has decided to play for his nation in this EuroBasket 2022. A real risk, since the slightest injury could have condemned his short-term future in the NBA, or even worse. But his bet is paying off, since Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Greece fell under the blows of the leader on Tuesday evening, for a ticket to the semi-finals.

Dennis Schroder today: 26 points, 8 assists, 3 rebounds, 53% shooting, win over Giannis and Greece

The bet paid off for Schroder, who hopes to receive interest once the EuroBasket is over. Good news ? This is already the case according to Marc Stein. In a simple tweet, the insider confirms that the former Laker will find a franchise a few weeks before the recovery:

A big bet for Dennis Schroder to play in this EuroBasket without an NBA contract… but the market is racing in the league about his future job. Schroder will likely have a new squad by the end of the month after helping Germany reach the half.

Without a contract, Dennis Schroder decided to bet on him to help Germany. Not only does he still have a chance to win this Eurobasket, but he should find an NBA team very soon after the tournament. A successful month of September for the former Lakers player.

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