Too many engine penalties? Ferrari suggests raising the limit

As part of the limitation of engine parts that can be used over a full season by F1 drivers, the 2022 regulations only allow three examples of the most important parts of the power unit (engine, turbo, MGU-H and MGU -K) and limits the others to two (batteries and electronic control unit); this year for the first time, the exhaust systems have been integrated into the set but are limited to eight. Beyond that, the teams can mount new elements but this results in penalties imposed on the grid for each new part.

In Italy, the situation reached its climax with a total of nine drivers penalized on the grid, in various ways and at various levels of the hierarchy. Two weeks after Spa, where seven competitors had already had to fall back from their qualifying position, this was also partly explained by a tactical aspect: these two tracks offering higher chances of overtaking than elsewhere, the teams had everything interest, if they knew they would have to suffer penalties sooner or later, in serving them on circuits where their impact would in theory be less.

In this context, and despite the rules establishing the procedure to follow, it was necessary to wait long hours (during which certain pilots expressed their incomprehension, in particular on social networks) for a first grid to be drawn up by the FIA. For Mattia Binotto, at the head of Ferrari, this must be such as to force the authorities to greater clarification of the methods of applying penalties but also to an increase in the limit of parts.

« The reason why it took so long [pour publier la grille] is that there are certainly different interpretations and that the rules are not clear enough »said the Italo-Swiss. « That’s something we’re definitely going to have to address in the future – not only how we determine grid positions based on penalties, but also the excessive number of penalties received. »

« It’s hard for a fan, I think, to see a car take pole and not start on pole because it got grid penalties. [cela est notamment arrivé en Belgique avec la Red Bull de Max Verstappen, ndlr]. So maybe the three power units per driver is insufficient at this point compared to what we have done. Maybe that needs to be reconsidered for future seasons. »

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