Too confident, Ja Morant is punished by karma at the end of the match!

Ja Morant is a player with great confidence, which has allowed him to have a great start to his NBA career so far. But it’s not always perfect either, the proof with his performance this Tuesday evening. The leader tried to destabilize an opponent… before seeing karma punish him.

Unstoppable Kings. De’Aaron Fox’s teammates are 7 in a row, allowing Sacramento to post an excellent record of 10-6, with the possibility of taking a place in the playoffs in a few months. The leader was just excellent on Tuesday night with 32 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists in the success against Memphis. The final score? 113-109.

A very tight game. It must be said that opposite, Ja Morant made his return to the courts with 34 units, 7 rebounds and 6 assists. A duel of leaders in the NBA, even if karma took care of punishing the Grizzlies player. Mocking in the final, Morant should perhaps have been silent when we see the outcome of this game. His victim? Malik Monk.

Karma is in charge of sanctioning Ja Morant!

For that, you have to come back to 4 seconds from the end of the match. The Kings lead 109-108 and Monk has two free throws to put his team to safety. Morant then comes to put pressure on him with a harmless little sentence. Problem ? Ja found himself in the same situation on the next possession and missed two out of three, while his opponent hit both. Karma.

Ja was explaining to Malik Monk “don’t miss” while he was shooting his free throws with 4 seconds remaining… Monk hit both.

Ja went to the line next with a chance to tie and missed 2 of 3 pitches. The Kings won. 😬

Morant played, but he lost. It happens for any player, even if we imagine that the point guard must be unhappy. He had the possibility of forcing an extension… before cracking on the line. Shame.

Ja Morant will not walk away with the victory against the Kings. However, he did his best to hinder his opponent… without success. Above all, this confirms the good form of Sacramento, determined to finally reach the playoffs after a shortage of more than 10 years. It would be time.

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