Tony Stewart fans very disappointed…


Last week, Tony Stewart sent out a tweet informing his fans that an important announcement was coming on Wednesday. The Stewart-Haas Racing co-owner hit the nail on the head on Monday with the promise of something “major”. On Tuesday, the three-time NASCAR Cup Series champion finally made his announcement. His fans were mostly very disappointed.

Tony Stewart’s first Tweet announcing ‘something special’

Pictured is Tony Stewart following the race at the Indianapolis road course.

“I spent a lot of time in the Indy garage looking at the cars. It got me thinking about doing something special for the fans… #IndyCar #NASCAR #ThankYouFans””

By adding a new comment on Monday, fan speculation had begun to invade the web. One of them announced the arrival of the team of the former champion in IndyCar.

Stewart joins the NFT market

On Tuesday, Stewart ultimately didn’t make his announcement on Twitter, but let reporters spread the news for him. The former champion simply decided to enter the NFT market by allowing fans to buy digital collectibles related to his career.

Tony Stewart fans very disappointed…

Stewart’s announcement clearly didn’t live up to what his fans were hoping for. And they didn’t hesitate to let it be known.

« That was his ‘BIG’ announcement? » A scam ? “wrote a fan on Twitter.

“Has he seen the pathetic sales of NFTs in NASCAR? Some circuits offer NFT purchases and sales have not exceeded 10 units. »

“Is that the major announcement? Lol. Embarrassing,” another fan wrote.

The majority of comments were negative. Some, however, have asked for explanations about NFTs.

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