Tony Parker sets a cash goal for Evan Fournier!

Always very close to basketball across the Atlantic, Tony Parker notably follows the performance of his compatriots. Recently, he also revealed his ambitions for Evan Fournier! With such an objective, the person concerned knows what remains to be done …

Long in the race to snatch a success in the derby against the Nets, New York finally lost to its rival by the score of 112-110. However, it is not for lack of having tried absolutely everything in the money time, and in particular through the intermediary of Evan Fournier. The rear was shown to be very clutch in the last seconds of regulation time, despite only 13 points scored in total. He thus returned this incredible shot, less than 20 seconds from the end:

Parker: « Evan Fournier must become All-Star »

If this feat was not enough to lead his people to victory, it shows once again that the Frenchy can be lethal in hot moments. What to give ideas to observers, and in particular Tony Parker during his visit to bein Sports. Guest on the set of the show NBA Extra, the quadruple champion went straight to it: Fournier still has great things ahead of him. For the former Spur, he must now become a member of the league:

Since he’s been in New York, I think he’s had a good season, he’s taking his responsibilities. Afterwards, I would like him to be a little more aggressive. I would have liked to see him All-Star before the end of his career. If the Knicks want to be at the top, they need a top Evan. They need him to run at 18-20 points per game, and he has the talent to do that. Being an All-Star is the next step for him.

With just 13 points per game in 2021-22, More Champagne is far from his best years at the Magic, where he scored nearly 20 points every night. However, TP is convinced that he can achieve it within the group of Tom Thibodeau, who would indeed need this. We saw it in the playoffs last year against the Hawks, NY was unable to dominate once Julius Randle was muzzled. Having an alternative solution is therefore essential to be able to respond to the challenge.

No doubt for Tony, Evan Fournier may be an All-Star in the years to come. He would only be the fourth Frenchman in history to receive this honor, after Parker, Joakim Noah and Rudy Gobert. We might as well say that our fingers are crossed for this to happen!

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