Tony Parker sends a message to Antoine Griezmann, he answers him!


Former San Antonio Spurs NBA star Tony Parker sent a message to FC Barcelona and France football striker Antoine Griezmann, to which the latter responded

Logan Riely / @antogriezmann

Rather very busy in his role as president of ASVEL, Tony Parker nevertheless finds the time to discuss and collaborate with his counterparts in French sport. This is for example what he did recently with Antoine Griezmann, who replied to him on Twitter!

Far from him, the idea of ​​retiring from public life, and escaping the limelight during his sports retirement. Withdrawn from the prosecution since 2019, Tony Parker has been increasing his activities since, including that of the main president of ASVEL. A function in which it stands out at the highest point, As evidenced by his last XXL achievement with the Lyon club.

But this is not the only sport in which the former NBA champion is interested. A true jack-of-all-trades, TP leans more and more towards the middle of equestrianism. He recently expressed his pride in his new project in the field with a sports star. Also named channel ambassador Equidia, he took advantage of the Prix de Diane held this Sunday to address a few words to… Antoine Griezmann.

Good luck to Antoine already, because it’s not every day that you get a filly at the Prix de Diane! So I’m really happy for him, and I hope he wins.

Also a great fan of horse racing, the Blues striker saw one of his fillies, named Natsukashi, take part in the event.

This encouragement from his basketball counterpart obviously warmed Grizzy’s heart, as he let shine through in his response.

Bad luck though, since the good wishes of our national Tony did not turn into a good luck charm. On the contrary, since Natsukashi was placed… good last among the 17 entered.

Tony Parker is gradually making his mark in the world of horse racing, and in particular pleased Antoine Griezmann with this little wink. Now all that remains is to place, in turn, one of his horses in such a prestigious race.


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