Tony Parker responds cash to criticism of the Wembanyama clan!

NBA legend and big boss of LDLC Asvel, Tony Parker, dropped strong words about Victor Wembanyama, huge prospect destined to join the big league

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Leaving ASVEL this summer to everyone’s surprise, Victor Wembanyama has chosen to return to his Paris region to join Boulogne-Levallois, with more playing time at stake. A choice on which Tony Parker, recently tackled by the entourage of the player, returned recently. With honesty and class.

When Victor Wembanyama signed with ASVEL in 2021, everyone thought that the nugget would stay on the Rhône side until his departure for the NBA. Nothing came of it in the end, and after an interesting but disappointing season due to various injuries and not always optimal playing time, Wemby finally decided to join Boulogne-Levallois – nice salary to support. And recently, the words of his agent Jérémy Medjana at the microphone of the JDD came to relaunch the debate:

Victor came here to look for what he lacked at ASVEL. What I mean by that is a manager, feeling coached and involved in the project.

Tony Parker responds to recent criticism of the Wembanyama clan

No need to be a great detective to see that the words of Medjana, who manages Wembanyama’s career with Bouna Ndiaye for the Comsport agency, were aimed at Tony and TJ Parker, and their choices in the management of the future number 1 of the Draft . Speaking at the microphone of the new media SKWEEK, TP spoke about the situation and delivered the substance of his thoughts on the subject:

Stephen Brun: “How do you react to the criticisms of recent weeks, and in particular those of Jérémy Medjana, who implied that Victor Wembanyama was not fulfilled at ASVEL? »

Tony Parker: “I don’t want to get into this type of debate. For me, Victor Wembanyama would also have “worked” at ASVEL. If he had stayed with us this season, he would have started and he would have smashed the Euroleague and the French championship. The work we did last year with him was to prepare him for this season. It was going to pay off.

Either way, Victor will succeed wherever he goes. The most important thing for him is to stay healthy. If so, he will have a great career in the NBA. I don’t want to get into pointless debates. We must rejoice for French basketball, because it will succeed. Of course, part of me is disappointed because I’m sure he would have « worked » the Euroleague like Luka Doncic did.

He preferred to take less risk and play once a week, it’s respectable. I respect Victor, who is a great kid. It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to be number 1 in the Draft. I understand the pressure on him and on the agents. I have no problem with Jérémy and Bouna, and we work well together. I have been involved in ASVEL for 13 years, and it has always gone well with them”.

End of the controversy: Tony Parker does not want to add oil to the fire, and was simply content to put out the fire and support Victor Wembanyama. The regrets will certainly remain, but it is now the interest of his former protege that takes precedence for TP. And it’s all to his credit.

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