Tony Kanaan at the 500 Miles – NTT IndyCar Series

Tony Kanaan at the 500 Miles

Tony Kanaan will once again race the 500 Miles, however, the Brazilian has no other races on his 2022 IndyCar schedule.

It is at the wheel of a fifth single-seater from Chip Ganassi Racing that Tony Kanaan will take part in the biggest race of the IndyCar season, the famous 500 miles of Indianapolis, the 106th edition of the name. The 47-year-old Brazilian, who drove the No. 48 on an oval last season, has an even smaller schedule this season in IndyCar, as he has only one IndyCar race on his calendar.

A rookie in what was the CART championship in 1998, Tony Kanaan refuses to comment on his future in IndyCar.

Three years ago we called it ‘TK Last Lap’, but I still ride. Do I think I can be one hundred percent? My question will be what will happen if I win #2? (The Indy 500 a second time – editor’s note) Would I come back or not? So I’m not announcing anything. My intentions are that it won’t be the last. Next year I will be celebrating 25 years in IndyCar and it would be pretty cool to do it.

We knew it was a two-year contract. Do I have things planned for next year? No. Do I still want to do this? Yes, one hundred percent. Look at what happened to Hélio (Castroneves – editor’s note)

Tony Kanan

Tony Kanaan’s 2022 calendar also consists of ten stock car races in Brazil, three Porsche Cup Endurance races and all six SRX Series championship races.

That’s more races than I did in the last 21 seasons. I’m quite busy.

Tony Kanan

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