Tomas Satoransky no longer supported the « business » of the NBA

Returning to Barcelona after a six-year hiatus in the NBA, Tomas Satoransky took stock of his trip across the Atlantic made up of ups and downs between Washington (2016-2019), Chicago (2019-2021) and a fragmented last season between New Orleans, San Antonio and Washington again.

This « comeback » to the Wizards sounded like a return to square one, as if the time had come to turn the page. When signing for Barca, Tomas Satoransky didn’t feel any sense of regret.

“It’s obvious that the last season didn’t go well for me. The last two months in Washington have been good, but I think in my experience in the NBA I’ve had a lot of ups and downs,” he acknowledged. “The first and last year were the hardest, but the other four, two in Washington and two in Chicago, I was comfortable. I played a lot, I had an important role. I had to earn respect and the second contract arrived, with which I had a bigger role. I was doing well, but with my family, we never wanted to live in the United States. I’m at a point in my life and career where I want to fight for things, and not just wait for the opportunity to present itself. »

A choice more sporting than financial

His last season convinced him that his place was no longer in the NBA but in another more stable professional league, where business does not prevail over everything else.

“It is true that this is one of the main reasons why I made this decision. Not only because I have always liked Barça very much, but also because it gave me stability with the children and the family. When you’re in the NBA, even with a very good contract, you can still transfer you.

The greed is one thing, his passion for basketball is another, and between the two, Satoransky has decided. His last season to be rambunctious confirmed his choice. To win basketball at the highest level, dollars are not enough.

“The truth is that it’s a business, something that I never wanted to accept. You’ve always had a passion for basketball, it’s clear that we are paid a lot of money, but sometimes it’s too much business and it makes team cohesion difficult to build. It’s very important and Spain showed it in Eurobasket. It’s the most difficult, especially when you have young children, it must be really hard for some players.he concluded.

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