Tom Brady with Tampa Bay

The NFL is about to begin and free agency and recruiting are underway, and teams are reinforcing for another season in one of the most competitive leagues in the world.

The quarterback position is the most important and perhaps the most valuable position on the field. They are the symbol of the team and the leaders of the offense. A good QB makes his team a power in the league.

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Let’s review the best 5 QBs of what will be the season that is about to start.

5. Joe Burrow

The quarterback of the Bengals of Cincinnati is being one of the most consistent in the NFL. Last year he guided his team to the Super Bowl that they lost, but he was the light of the offense that was one of the best in the whole league.

He has an exceptional arm and a very good positional sense that makes him move very well inside the pocket and avoid catches. The problem is that even though he knows where to position himself, sometimes his defense doesn’t help him much, and that led him to have the record for most sacks in the postseason with 19.

This season, he wants to return to the playoffs and get his Super Bowl revenge. He has potential and a lot of talent. Repeating last year’s feat will be complicated and there will be natural pressure on him. Will he make it?

4. Josh Allen

The Buffalo Bills have a great player in Allen. If he doesn’t have a pass option, he creates opportunities with his great footwork. Not for nothing was he the first QB to rush for more than 95 yards in three consecutive games. He offers solutions and that makes him very important.

He returned Buffalo to the postseason after several years, and they are protagonists and even favorites to reach the Super Bowl. Last year he faced Kansas City and Patrick Mahomes and could not beat them, but he showed signs of his extraordinary level.

This season, he has a very balanced team that magnifies his abilities. Allen is a threat on the ground and through the air, which makes him one of the best in the league. It is time for the QB to prove that he is on par with the legendary quarterbacks that Buffalo has had, winning something.

3. Patrick Mahomes

One of the superstars of the moment, he enters this season in search of his second Super Bowl ring. With greater maturity and more weapons in his arsenal, Mahomes wants to make Kansas City a dynasty.

Last year he did not do badly at all. The season was on the right track. In the playoffs, he threw for 11 touchdowns, an NFL record, but the return to the Super Bowl was not possible because the Bengals prevented it in an epic game that went into overtime.

Mahomes continues to be determinant, and his team is very solid offensively and defensively. He alone is a major offensive force. He has a spectacular arm and a unique physical shape that makes him stand out from the rest.

Mahomes has a chance to return Kansas to a Super Bowl, and they will surely be there in the top spots. If injuries respect Patrick, maybe we could see him in Arizona next February. 

2. Aaron Rodgers

After a resounding controversy with the front office and almost leaving Green Bay, Rodgers will play for the Packers this season after signing a new 4-year contract. The veteran quarterback has a score to settle and wants to make his legacy even bigger.

He was the most valuable player last season and that shows the level he is at. The Packers are building a more competitive team so that Rodgers can showcase his talent and exploit the qualities of an offense that is already quite good.

The idea is that he can add his second Super Bowl title and elevate his status to legend within the league and his team. They usually dominate their division but have not been able to deliver that punch in the playoffs.

Rodgers knows that if he signed this new contract, it is because they trust him within the team. The quarterback does not want to disappoint and is sure to be dominant, but the main goal is to make it past the playoffs.

1.Tom Brady

Perhaps the best player in NFL history will play one more season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after threatening to retire. At the end of last season, where the defense of his title was not possible, the confirmation of his retirement exploded on social networks and the NFL exploded in tributes to the 7-time Super Bowl champion.

A few weeks later he confirmed that no, he would play one more season and that he still had a lot to offer. This puts Tampa Bay as one of the favorites to win the championship.

What can you say about the 44-year-old veteran. His vision is extraordinary, and his arm is impeccable. He reads defenses perfectly and doesn’t need to run as much to feed his team with passes. 

His intelligence on the field has not been seen before in any QB. He knows when to release the ball and has sniper-like accuracy. For this season, Tampa is strengthening the team to give Tom a chance to fight for his eighth championship ring.

Surely there will be more quarterbacks to follow, but these are the best at the moment, and the ones that will catch the spotlight in the campaign that is about to begin.

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