Tom Brady shows you how to perform better and longer

Most successful player in Super Bowl history (7), Three-time MVP… Tom Brady’s career speaks for itself. And if you’re wondering how Comeback Kid managed to perform at a very high level until he was over 44 years old, his latest book « The TB12 method » published by Talent Sport will give you all the answers.

“This book offers new training methods that can benefit anyone who is determined, open-minded and disciplined. My program has allowed me to perform for many years of athletic competition, but just as important, it has allowed me to live a full, dynamic and energetic life off the field. I share with you these common sense principles to rethink the way we exercise, we train and we live, to reach our full potential”, here are the words of Tom Brady.

With this magnificent 307-page book, the quarterback transforms the question « How to do what you love, better and longer? »  » in response. Composed of 10 complete chapters, Brady returns to his principles as an athlete, training and methods, hydration through nutrition and brain training, rest and recovery. All sprinkled with testimonials and a frequently asked question.

Discover this illustrated book published by Talent Sport.

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