Tom Brady ends his retirement: great news for the NFL

Tom Brady in 2021 (credit: NFL)

It may be the shortest retirement in history. After announcing that he was hanging up his boots for good last February, barely two months later, Tom Brady is already back. The greatest quarterback in the history of the National Football League (NFL) formalized the end of his retirement by posting a tweet on his account. In his statement, he admits to having realized that his « place is on the field and not in the stands ». He returns to play his 23rd season in the NFL, the third with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

A boon for NFL business

It’s obvious, the image of Tom Brady sells. And his return to the field is great news for the American football league. « TB12 » is often featured in successful commercials that bring in huge amounts of revenue to NFL matchmaking broadcasters. The fact that he remains active and continues to improve the many records he holds only increases the impact of his media image. This benefits not only his sponsors, but also his team and the championship in general. The former New England Patriots star was even chosen by publisher EA Sports last year to appear on the cover of the famous Madden NFL22 video game with Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs).

His retirement had caused a lot of ink to flow, and collectors had even flocked to objects related to what was to be his last season in the NFL. Just hours before Brady announced his return, the ball thrown to Mike Evans against Los Angeles on Jan. 23, which was to be the last touchdown pass of the quarterback’s career, was auctioned off at half a million dollars (over €470,000). During the season, the French-language site specializing in American football TouchdownActu had also revealed that a supporter who had recovered the ball from Tom Brady’s 600th touchdown pass had won a nice jackpot of gifts (1 bitcoin, autographed jerseys, helmets, subscriptions etc.) to return the ball to the legendary pitcher. Everything Tom Brady touches turns to gold, and collectors can enjoy it for another year.

The Buccaneers: biggest winners in this story?

At 44 years old, last season, Brady dominated the US football championship throwing a total of 5,316 passing yards and totaling 43 touchdowns. Despite his age, these staggering numbers prove how well the quarterback stays level with his competitors year after year. It is for this reason that his return has completely redistributed the cards for next season.

After the announcement of the retirement of Tom Brady, few were those who had bet on a victory for Tampa Bay in the next Super Bowl without its star quarterback. With a team now embarking on a rebuild and in search of a new leader, the chances of the Buccaneers lifting the Lombardy Trophy again after their 2021 feat grew increasingly remote. Today, the return of the GOAT has changed the situation. Bookmakers have skyrocketed the Buccaneers’ Super Bowl 2023 win odds, now rated at 8 on sports betting sites, better than defending champions Los Angeles Rams (10), and just behind the impressive Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs (7.5, numbers as of March 14, 2022).

Within the Buccaneers, the return of Tom Brady could also have a strong impact on the future of certain executive players at the end of the contract. In particular his great friend, Rob Gronkowski, whom he had brought out of retirement in 2020 to win the Super Bowl with him at the end of the season. The fact that the legendary quarterback stays another year in Tampa Bay could tip the scales in the decision of other important players in the franchise, like Chris Godwin or Leonard Fournette.

With his seven Super Bowls in his pocket and his endless list of records, Tom Brady will therefore present himself at the start of next season for his 23rd NFL season. The best quarterback of all time, who has nothing more to prove, seems to want to add a new page to his legendary history, perhaps this time really the last of his immense career.

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