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Quarterback Tom Brady justified his return to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by his appetite for competition, but the 40-year-old recalls that he will eventually want to devote his time to other activities.

Having changed his retirement plans by opting to play the next season, the veteran however ensures that he still has the sacred fire, at least this year. He will certainly want to reconnect with his good habits and lead his club to great honors, but after 2022, it could be the end … for real.

“What I basically said to the team was, guys, you know you’ll have to make plans without me. Then Jason [Licht] and Bruce [Arians] told me they needed a little time and I said I still felt very strong,” Brady told “The Dan Patrick Show” podcast on Wednesday, referring to the general manager and coach- leader of the « Bucs » by the way.

“On the other hand, I was still hungry to fight and it will soon be gone. Just appreciate the time I have left, because there is not much of it,” he also warned.

Indeed, Brady admits that he sometimes wonders why he still plays in the NFL. After all, the seven-time Super Bowl champion has accomplished many feats of arms and has nothing more to prove, his place in the Football Hall of Fame granted to him.

“Time flies and you are still competitive. I think I’m a little crazy…I’m 45 and I’m here with many young people trying to rip my head off. Seeing on Instagram Aaron Donald [joueur de ligne défensive des Rams de Los Angeles] who was training, I thought maybe I should have stayed retired, because he is a monster.

The future

After his last lap, the famous pivot obviously does not know everything that the future will hold for him outside the field. Nevertheless, he retains his enthusiasm by saying he is ready to write a new chapter in his life, having also concluded an agreement with the FOX Sports network to act as an analyst of television games.

“It will be a new career, entirely. It will be a new opportunity for me to try something that I will work very hard for. I will prepare for it as best I can, knowing that the first day [à l’écran] will not be my finest moment, ”he apprehended.


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