TOKYO 2020 – France – United States LIVE


France – United States / WITHOUT PUB

13: 50-16: 03

FRANCE – USA (31-36)

After fighting to save a hanging ball, Nicolas Batum sends it into the hands of Rudy Gobert, completely alone under the circle. Two easy points for the tricolor giant.

Tokyo 2020

Ntilikina spared against Team USA


FRANCE – USA (29-36)

Two out of two on free throws for Bam Adebayo, already author of 10 points and 4 rebounds.

FRANCE – USA (29-34)

Good news for the France team: guilty of his third personal fault, Kevin Durant is forced to sit on the bench.

FRANCE – USA (27-34)

Despite an almost perfect ball movement, Khris Middleton misses his floater, completely alone.

FRANCE – USA (27-33)

TIME-OUT USA. Good passage of the France team, which comes back to two big possessions of the Americans. Gregg Popovich directly takes a time out. On his bench, Vincent Collet asks the French to put more energy into the defensive withdrawal to prevent a maximum of counter-attack. Led by six points before half-time, the Blues are still in the game!

FRANCE – USA (25-34)

Third award-winning shot from Damian Lillard, which hurts the France team a lot. The leader of the Blazers is starting to heat up …

FRANCE – USA (23-31)

What a Rudy Gobert dunk! The French pivot perfectly wound his American counterpart before slamming a dunk while passing under the circle!

FRANCE – USA (21-29)

Watch out for Damian Lillard! The Blazers gunner begins to pace himself behind the three-point line.

FRANCE – USA (21-26)

Nando De Colo and Devin Booker answer each other halfway!

FRANCE – USA (19-22)

It was Luwawu-Cabarrot’s turn to score two easy points under the circle, taking advantage of the Americans’ defensive passivity. Nice start for the Blues!

FRANCE – USA (17-22)

Superb pass from Nicolas Batum to find Fall completely alone under the circle! The tricolor pivot quietly ends the action of a two-handed dunk.

FRANCE – USA (15-22)

Despite the pivot McGee in defense on him, Nando De Colo can not score three points for the first French possession of this second quarter.

FRANCE – USA (15-22)

END OF FIRST QUARTER TIME. Shaken by the speed of American execution, the France team is led by seven points at the end of the first ten minutes of play. Vincent Collet asks his players to take their time to set up their systems so as not to let the American armad impose its rhythm.

FRANCE – USA (15-22)

Last possession of the first quarter for Team USA. Devin Booker takes his three point chance at the end of the clock but his shot is too short.

FRANCE – USA (15-22)

The Americans are in the penalty, which allows Fall to appear on the throwing line. His two attempts are in it.

FRANCE – USA (13-22)

Time-out missed by the Blues. Despite a system made to free him in the right corner, Luwawu Cabarrot misses his long distance shot.

FRANCE – USA (13-22)

TIMEOUT. Seeing his incapable of scoring for long seconds, Vincent Collet called his troops back. After a good start to the match, the Blues, led by nine points to 1’23 from the end of the first quarter, can no longer keep pace with Team USA.

FRANCE – USA (13-22)

What a cons of Draymond Green on Luwawu-Cabarrot! Jayson Tatum takes the opportunity to slam a raging dunk.

FRANCE – USA (13-18)

Americans are sorely lacking in success. After Holiday and Adebayo, Tatum misses a rather easy shot.

FRANCE – USA (11-18)

Nice offensive presence in Rudy Gobert’s racket. But the tricolor pivot misses its two throws …

FRANCE – USA (11-18)

+7 for the Americans after an alley-oop launched by Jrue Holiday and concluded by Kevin Durant!

FRANCE – USA (11-16)

Evan Fournier scores in penetration but Damian Lillard answers him behind the three-point line, in first intention. Be careful not to take a first gap.

FRANCE – USA (9-13)

It’s too easy for Bam Adebayo, who scores two more points on the counterattack!

FRANCE – USA (9-11)

Again Kevin Durant! This time, the Brooklyn Nets star uses Adebayo’s screen to score three points.

FRANCE – USA (9-6)

Superb offensive rebound from Rudy Gobert, which allows Evan Fournier to register his first basket three points from the competition from the left corner.

FRANCE – USA (6-6)

After a free throw from Rudy Gobert, Kevin Durant has fun with an undisputed mid-range shot.

FRANCE – USA (5-2)

AND ONE TO FOURNIER! The French full-back provokes Zach Lavine and scores with the fault as a bonus. His throw is in it.

FRANCE – USA (2-2)

Yabusele’s first basket, but Draymond Green responds directly to him in penetration.

LET’S GO !! The jump ball has just been won by Draymond Green and the United States.

1:58 p.m.. The holders are known. Gregg Popovich will launch Damian Lillard, Zach Lavine, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green and Bam Adebayo. While Vincent Collet has decided to establish Nando De Colo, Evan Fournier, Nicolas Batum, Guerschon Yabusele and Rudy Gobert.

13:55. Make way for national anthems!

1:52 p.m. French and Americans are accompanied by Iran and the Czech Republic within this group A. For its entry into the running, the Czech Republic beat Iran (84-78). As a reminder, the first two of the group will climb directly to the quarter-finals.

13:48. Hard blow for the Blues, who will have to do without Frank Ntilikina. The New York Knicks player felt « muscle discomfort » during the preparation and will be spared this Sunday.

« This Team USA is not the cream of the crop … but only Gobert would start it »

13:44. But the Americans also experienced a chaotic preparation, suffering an improbable and historic defeat in Las Vegas, two weeks ago, against Nigeria (87-90), before a second consecutive setback, this time against Australia (83 -91), unheard of for an American team in an official match.

1:40 p.m. In addition to that, it must be said that the France team did not experience the hoped-for preparation. With three defeats in as many confrontations (twice Spain, then Japan), the tricolor basketball players come to Tokyo with a not very reassuring record.

13:38. Revenge day for the Americans this Sunday for their entry into the running at Tokyo 2020. A favorite, Team USA will be keen to take revenge on the France team, which eliminated the three-time Olympic title holders in the quarterfinals of the last World Cup.

13:35. Hello everyone. Welcome to Eurosport to follow the live commentary of the first meeting of the French basketball team during the 2020 Olympic Games. The Blues have an appointment with the United States at 2:00 pm.


Tokyo 2020

« This Team USA is not the cream of the crop … but only Gobert would start it »


Tokyo 2020

After a big fight, France defeats Italy


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