Tobias Harris confirms his rise

Tobias HarrisTobias Harris is no stranger to the current good form of the Sixers, on an eight-game winning streak in eleven games. Since his return after a ten-day absence in mid-November, he has already reached 19 points and more nine times. This night again against Toronto, he distinguished himself in his role of « punisher » with a 7/9 in shooting including 5/7 from 3-pointers, and the missile that sealed Philadelphia’s victory in overtime (104- 101).

The winger therefore drew the congratulations of his teammates and his coach, Doc Rivers, satisfied to see the evolution of his player into a real sniper. Since the beginning of December (six games), he has been running with more than 56% success behind the arc!

« He’s spent his summer working to be a spot shooter, putting in big shots, and that’s what he does. You can see that he worked on the speed of his gesture.emphasizes Doc Rivers.

Precious in his role

Joel Embiid also recognized his contribution in a late game where he was essential since he also scored from the corner in the « money-time » of the fourth quarter at a time when Philly was back to the wall. He could have even doubled the bet in overtime and avoided a critical last possession for Pascal Siakam if the referees hadn’t finally canceled his basket for an illegal screen by PJ Tucker on Scottie Barnes.

“He was great. He’s a star in his role. That’s what he was already doing last season, putting in important shots, like the one that was canceled for whatever reason. He was awesome. » incense the pivot.

Defending, scoring easy baskets on the transition game, and sanctioning air calls caused by James Harden and Joel Embiid with outside address, these are his main missions.

On the winning action, it was James Harden who went to serve his winger to save the Sixers once again. “The Beard” found Tobias Harris in the corner, unmarked thanks to a screen this time legal from PJ Tucker. A notable sign of confidence even if there was still a lot of time to play. It was again he who was served next, by De’Anthony Melton.

“He was one of the few to have skill from afar tonight. Even if we would all like to shoot every night, it can happen like that. Tobias gained confidence. In extra time, I was on the right wing and I saw him out of the corner of my eye in the corner. PJ set up a screen, I made a blind pass and he put the basket”comments James Harden. “Tobias is doing a very good job. He shoots well and he is present on the transition. When you go on the counterattack, it’s hard not to give him the ball. So we serve it and we get easy baskets”.

The room for improvement for this trio is still significant, as we saw in the second half last night. In fact, it didn’t take much for Philly to be blown away by a Toronto team that was in very poor shape and back-to-back.

The receptions of Detroit and the Clippers, the two former teams of Tobias Harris, should make it possible to see more clearly before the clash of Christmas at Madison Square Garden against the Knicks.

Tobias HarrisPercentageBounces
SeasonTeamGMMinimumShots3 pointsLFOffDefEarlypdpartyIntbpCTPoints
2012-13*All Teams552445.531.575.
2015-16*All Teams763346.933.583.
2017-18 *All Teams803346.
2017-18 *TED483345.140.984.
2017-18 *LAKE323547.341.480.
2018-19 *All Teams823548.739.786.
2018-19 *LAKE553549.643.487.
2018-19 *PHL273546.932.684.

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